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    Quote Originally Posted by ken grant View Post
    Sure there were some but not like 2008 through 2016 with our more or less open borders plus the thousands from the M.E. that Obama wants and is bringing in.

    The B.P. issued a report that is was catching 50% of the people trying to come in but an internal report said only 20% was caught and 80% was getting in.
    Of the ones caught just how many were turned loose inside the U.S. ?
    Obviously, you didn't grow up in a border state, and likely have never lived in one, at least not until after 2008. I grew up in Southern California, and schools were attended by at least 25% immigrants even in the upper-middle-class beach neighborhoods where I went to school. It wasn't a big deal, the politics of it is not why I'm mentioning it. I'm saying that as far back as 1960 or so, I can personally testify that the border was open, and as disinterested or not worried about it as my adult family members were, it was as normal a set of circumstances as anything you could think of long before I started school and saw it for myself.

    As to the politics of it all, by the time I was a workin' man hangin' steel from San Diego to Seattle and all points in between, the so-called "father" of the modern so-called "conservative" movement, Ronald Reagan, gave amnesty to about 3 million illegal aliens. Way to promote that good ol' conservative law-and-order image, Uncle Ronnie! 3 million people were assimilated into mostly border states where they were suddenly eligible for taxpayer-funded aid while they still lacked the documentation (read: Social Security numbers) to start paying into the system. Simpson-Mazzoli made criminals out of farmers and day-jobbers who hired illegal aliens and paid them under the table so they could eat, afford housing and buy clothes for their kids to go to school, while codifying undocumented status of the aliens into a protected class that couldn't be messed with until the documentation debacle that the bill created got sorted out. Is it sorted out even now? Apparently not since all you "conservatives" are still crowin' about it and follow Trump like the Pied Piper because of an issue that's never been effectively dealt with for over 150 years!

    This is not a recent problem or a recent political issue. It's been ongoing since shortly after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago when Mexico ceded and/or sold all or parts of CA, AZ, NV, TX, NM and UT to end the Mexican - American War in the late 1840's. In the intervening years it has been an "issue" that was mostly ignored, but when it wasn't ignored, was instead used as a partisan political football, which is exactly how Trump is using it now, just as his so-called "conservative" predecessors did before him, including Reagan and both Bushes.

    I would say, "Wake up!" but you seem to be relishing your slumber. Enjoy it while you can.

    No one has ever heard me say that I "hate" cops, because I don't. This is why I will never trust one again though: You just never know...

  3. "conservatives" are still crowin' about it and follow Trump like the Pied Piper

    Most I know are "ANTI- HILLARY " and Trump is the only choice left.

    Back in other times the B.P. tried to do their job but now the powers to be won't let them.
    I lived in Van Nuys in the 50's and the problem there was not as bad as you say.

  4. I agree the border states have been full of illegals for decades but due to todays politicians they are all over the USA and being seen where they have never seen before

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken grant View Post
    In your point of view , you could say the same about Germany , Korea and Nam . None of which was a threat to the U.S.
    Germany was invading all of Europe, we assisted our allies. Germany was defeated, the last war the US actually won.

    North Korea invades South Korea, the UN came to the aid of South Korea with the US as the principal force. No victory, stalemate... that still exists today.

    North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam, the US and other allies opposed to communism came to South Vietnam's aid. That undeclared war was a case study in how not to fight a war, we got our ass handed to us, and left in defeat..... and the communist hoards never appeared at our borders.

    Saddam was an ass to his people, and merely verbally threatened L'll Georges daddy so god (according to L'll George) told him to seek revenge. Many many lies later he did that, and birthed the Taliban and ISIS.

    Oh by the way, Georges hand holding buddy, the table cloth wearing king of Saudi Arabia was funding Muslim radicalism in mosques and charities at the time the Sept. 11, 2001 attack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ken grant View Post
    I agree the border states have been full of illegals for decades but due to todays politicians they are all over the USA and being seen where they have never seen before
    Caucasians are now officially the MINORITY race "occupying" California. As for where "they" have never been seen before, we ain't seen noth'n yet!

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