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I've seen your demonstration of your OCD affliction over Hillary, what a waste of time, you are not going to change a single mind.

I'm not supporting her in any way, form or fashion, and I will not vote for her.

I do wonder how you function in life given you clear obsession with this woman.
Keeping one's enemy in sharp focus isn't "obsession." It's prudence. The ability to rally others to the same cause often means the difference between survival and annihilation. Societies that were poor at it no not survive.

Do you have a job, are you spending all your time at work searching the internet for more dirt on her, so you can post it here to a very very limited audience? Does you boss know?

Does you supper get cold because you have to post just one more of the things you have found on the internet, are you loosing sleep posting searching and posting this meaningless tripe.
Strange to be saying for a person who clearly does the same obsessing thing railing against those who oppose Hillary.

And I say meaningless because you haven't changed the first persons vote.
Sure he has. Someone changed my vote, along with many others. I've help dozens of others change their vote in much the same way.

XD40, if you're seriously "not supporting her in any way, form or fashion, and (you) will not vote for her," sure you must have some serious reasons beyond the mere roll of a die. If those reasons have merit, as I sure at least some of them do, why wouldn't you expend some effort to help ensure she's not elected?