MSNBC comes clean on Hillary.
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Thread: MSNBC comes clean on Hillary.

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    MSNBC comes clean on Hillary.

    MSNBC comes clean on Hillary.
    By: Shaun King
    These reporters are so shocked by the dishonesty of Clinton that they can barely speak to the issue. They are quite observably embarrassed.
    - Dr. Jim Garrow
    Watch it all. The most devastating 10 minutes about Hillary Clinton I have ever seen. EVER.
    This is from MSNBC. These are lifelong Democrats. They LOVE Hillary and have her back. For them to all be unified like they are in this video, one by one, saying how unethical and dishonest Hillary has been, is the new low in her entire campaign. PERIOD.
    Chuck Todd said that "She could not get confirmed as Attorney General right now" because of her blatant disregard for the rules and dishonesty about it. How in the world could we elect someone President if they couldn't even pass muster for a cabinet position at this point?
    Mika Brzezinski said "she is straight out lying right now" and has been all along.
    No person has been more faithful to Hillary than Andrea Mitchell Reports and Andrea,
    when pressed by Mika if Hillary was a liar, said "That's for the American people to decide, but this is indefensible."
    Listen, you expected me to tell you that she was dishonest and lied to us. That's what I did in my story earlier today. This, though, is from HER OWN CREW.
    Please watch THE ENTIRE VIDEO and share it.
    My Thoughts:
    About time MSNBC got their back bone together.
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    Everybody knows that MSNBC is a Pro-Leftist "news" group. They only say good things about Hillary and bury the bad in spin.

  4. You mean, THIS Shawn king?

    Or this Shawn king?

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    Oh poor Hil LIAR y. When the whole family spits you out, that is really sad. Fortunately, they're all back in line now, so nothing lost. Just a "bump in the road".

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