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    Charlotte Protesters Issue Insane List Of Demands | Daily Wire

    Local commune police force control , who would pay for it ?

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    These two "demands" by the protesters are laughable. Community control of the police, I assume, means the black community, from which many problems arise. And, this group having the power to hire and fire police officers with concomitant control of all other law enforcement activities is absurd and would not be representative of the entire population. Then, to preclude representation on the board by law enforcement representatives would leave the administration to those who are not trained in law enforcement and lead to infractions of laws which the board might not particularly like, from a solely personal standpoint. Fox in the hen house anyone?

    The demand to end the repression (?) and targeting of protesters involved in the Charlotte uprising would assume that the protesters have done nothing wrong, regardless of the mayhem caused. Wouldn't that be nice, commit a crime and being excused as if nothing happened?

    The demand to release the names of the police officers involved in the incident, followed by their firing, arrest, and prosecution is indicative of them being pre-judged without the case being fully investigated and determination of liability/guilt having been made. So much for any true determination of the facts before the hanging.

    Again, the demands being made are ridiculous and are being made without serious thought and discussion and will undoubtedly be ignored.

    "Community control of the police, starting with the creation of a civilian oversight board that has the power to hire and fire officers determine disciplinary actions as well as dictate police policies, priorities and budgets. The board shall not include police representation and will be controlled by communities most impacted by policing and incarceration in Charlotte."

    "An end to the repression and targeting of protesters and all those engaged in the Charlotte uprising."

    "The release of all the names of the officers involved in the killing of Keith L. Scott to the public followed by their firing, arrest, and prosecution."

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