Hillary praising Angela Merkel
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    Hillary praising Angela Merkel

    Hillary Clinton gave America a warning it ought to heed Thursday when she named Angela Merkel as her favorite world leader.
    Clinton praises Merkel for her 'bravery' in the alleged refugee crisis - the crisis that Merkel helped create by opening her borders to un-vetted Islamic migrants who have raped and pillaged their way through Germany and into the rest of Europe. Want that here, too? Have a daughter? A mother? Think TWICE.
    Her response was a swipe at both Gary Johnson, who couldn’t name a world leader he liked in a recent interview, and Donald Trump who’s claimed that Clinton would be a U.S. version of the German chancellor.
    Merkel has gained world-wide recognition, and a lot of scorn, for her open border policy toward millions of Syrian refugees, fundamentally transforming the country.
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