Preemptive impeachment?
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Thread: Preemptive impeachment?

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    Preemptive impeachment?

    Perhaps we could start preemptive impeachment proceedings. Why wait? Surely each candidate has espoused enough things to justify the determination of threats to the US if they are elected. However, even if that works in a timely manner, there would have to be successive actions filtering down to the federal department of sanitation.

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    I hate to bust your bubble, but can you name enough things to justify the determination of threats to the US if Trump is elected? I sure can name a multitude of items against Hillary, let's see, Unsecured E-mail server holding over 300 items that were deemed highly classified and allowing people without a security clearance to have access to them, naming undercover CIA operatives, Having North Korean missile base info, having a black berry in a top secret room at the State Dept. where all items are required to be left out and having the same black berry at overseas meetings with foreign governments which it could be hacked.
    The list goes on and on, but you get the point.
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