Just to throw in a wild card and to give a new dimension to the political arguments, let's assume that Hillary's illnesses (?) do cause her to withdraw from the presidential race. Who would the Democrats then replace her with? There has been mention of Joe Biden possibly replacing her but, what if the Liberals don't want him in the race for one reason or another? Would her current running mate step up? I seriously doubt that because he isn't that well known and might be easily defeated by Trump. Who else would they consider, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or possibly even Cory Booker? Or some die-hard Democrat who they could insure would follow the party line, no questions asked. Someone to look presidential and be as ineffective as what we have now?

If you will think back, Obama once mentioned having Michelle run for the office so, who knows? "Many a truth has been said in jest." What if he wasn't actually joking but articulating a serious consideration for putting her in office to continue with his screwed up plans and he could be "The First Gentleman" and continue screwing up the country from behind exceptionally transparent scenes? Don't you believe the Democratic hierarchy has been furiously working to come up with an acceptable candidate if Hillary does withdraw? In an instance such as this, Michelle could possibly obtain the vote of women, both white and black, which might have an appeal and give them a sense of empowerment. Could happen you know!

So, given those thoughts, what do you think would happen? Would Michelle be considered over the professional Democratic politicians and go into office as unprepared as her husband did? What would the people of this country do if she were to be elected? Would that be considered fraudulent and start an uprising against the government? Several good questions for which none of us have an answer, only speculation but, considering how ineffective our government is of late, can we expect our elected officials to extract their heads from their nether regions and perform the duties for which they were elected? I don't think so.

Given the fact that Michelle has no marketable experience, could she make a serious run against Trump?