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Thread: What Business Genius Loses $915,000,000?

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    The complaints fall on deaf ears. These are all loopholes put in place by our government so business can thrive and also make contributions to campaigns, both republican and democrat. They are all crooks and they make the rules. Don't forget, big business are big donors to politicians, so the politicians make the laws for big business or their friends. Don't take sides, neither R or D are on your side. You need to listen to George Carlin's rant about the american dream. Here is the link, it's hard to dispute his words.
    No truer words have ever been spoken about our benevolent "Elected Royalty".
    It seems that there are VERY few people who can see things they the way they really are.
    Nice to see I'm not alone.

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    The question asked about Trump is "What kind of genius loses $915,000,000.00 ".

    I would like to know "What kind of CROOK loses $6,000,000,000.00 (Yes that's 6 BILLION Dollars) of you the taxpayers money. while she (Hillary) was running the State Department?"

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