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Thread: The true story of Benghazi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stengun View Post

    Faux noise? Come on! Come up with a credible source.

    Troll the forum? Nope, I'm here for the entertainment value.

    Getting banned? No biggie. The op gets his feelings butthurt I get a temporary ban. The last one was for 10 days and I was 7 days into before I realized I was banned. ( I went a week without visiting the forum because unlike the op, I have a life.)

    Well, the Clinton News Network simply does not report anything that would reflect negative on their candidate. There are still a few news organizations left that would though:

    Politico | Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan weapons
    The Washington Times | Charges dropped in Libya weapons scheme
    Daily Mail | Arms dealer says Clinton and Obama accidentally gave guns to ISIS, Al Qaeda and Benghazi attackers - then tried to scapegoat him for their screw-up with failed $10m felony case

    and, yes, even the NYT when they weren't bought yet by the Democrat party

    NYT | U.S.-Approved Arms for Libya Rebels Fell Into Jihadis’ Hands

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    One thing concerning the NYT, their highest share holder is a Mexican billionaire, who doesn't even like Trump, so where do you think the NYT is going to lean?
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