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  1. In some states if you don't vote for several elections your name is removed from the rolls.
    Don't know the numbers you have to miss but if you have been dead a number of years and your name is still there , someone must be voting for you.

  3. In other words all the people who have died within the last decade or so are still on the registry. Not a conspiracy to rig the election.

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    I'm not sure about all states but here in Arkansas it only last four years. When your state issued DK or ID expires so does your voter registration.

    Also you have to prove you are John Doe to vote as John Doe.

    What I find funny/odd/strange is that most members of this forum, especially the ones that do NOT own guns, want to be able to buy guns without any type of controls or restrictions but demands that only "certain" people, the ones that have been registered and vetted by the Gov't, be allowed to vote. They want it to be easier for a convicted felon or a Muslim extremist terrorist to buy a suppressed select-fire M-4 w/ 203 grenade launcher than a blonde hair, blue eye USA born Veteran to vote.

    I'm so Liberal that I work at the Bill and Hillary Clinton Regional Airport!

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