If the mass killings and Islamic terror attacks are unspeakably evil, then how evil are we as a nation for killing 60 million of our own babies since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973? The truth is that we are a nation full of mass killers, and those that celebrate our slaughter are elected to the highest offices in the land. The blood of our murdered children is crying out from the ground against us, and there's no possible way that America will ever be “great” again as long as we continue to ruthlessly take the lives of our unborn. In America today, we call evil good and good evil. And those that are butchering babies are completely unrepentant about what they are doing. In 2015, the Center for Medical Progress released undercover video after undercover video which proved that Planned Parenthood is chopping up aborted babies and selling off their organs and body parts to the highest bidder. Since that time, nobody from Planned Parenthood has been prosecuted that I know of, but authorities sure did go after the people that made the undercover videos. But this just shows how sick our society is. Once those undercover videos came out, every Planned Parenthood clinic in the entire country should have been shut down and a whole bunch of their executives should have been prosecuted. Instead, the country as a whole just yawned and we just continued with business as usual.

The Democrats nominated for president a woman that has made "The right of a mother to choose to murder her baby in her womb" one of the pillars of her long political career. Hillary Clinton’s hands are drenched in the blood of unborn children. In the last debate Clinton was asked about her vote against banning late-term, partial birth abortions. She responded, "I do not think the United States government should be stepping in and making those most personal of decisions." Trump said, "I think it's terrible. If you go with what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby...And that is not acceptable." Fact: The Centers for Disease Control states that 1.3% of abortions are late-term, translating to some 15,000 babies executed just prior to leaving the birth canal. The Guttmacher Institute, which studied who gets late term abortions, reports, "most women seeking later terminations are not doing so for reasons of fetal anomaly or life endangerment."

When pressed further, Clinton said that the government had no business interfering with the decision to have a partial birth abortion, "And I will stand up for that right." Trump said, "And, honestly, nobody has business doing what I just said, doing that, as late as one or two or three or four days prior to birth." This is egregious that a person running for President of the United States would advocate the grotesque killing of babies in the birth canal. No one claiming to be a Christian can support a leader who wants to do this, period. The Lord said in Jeremiah 2:34, "Also on your skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents: I have not found it by secret search, but plainly upon all these things." As Christians, we can never support such abomination. As long as we continue the mass killing of the unborn in this country, it isn’t going to matter who is running this nation. Every time we murder another child, we curse ourselves, and I don’t know if there are words to describe how evil we have become. If we were to immediately renounce our evil and stop murdering babies, perhaps we would have a chance of turning things around. But if we continue on the same path that we are currently on, then we are going to deserve every ounce of what is about to happen to us.

~ RAPTURE...Separation Of Church & State ~