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    Quote Originally Posted by Stengun View Post

    Someone asked why I supported Hillary over the Donald and he's my response:

    The main thing she has going for her is the fact that she is NOT Donald Trump.

    t-rump started his political "career" based on telling a bunch of deplorable racist what they wanted to hear, not the truth, but what they wanted to hear. That was that Obama was born on a dirt floor of a mud hut in Africa.

    Only a racist would be gullible enough to believe that was true.

    t-rump is totally clueless on everything that you can think of.

    His is totally clueless to the U.S. Constitution and doesn't even realize which House of Congress does what. (He asked Hillary why she didn't pass a law to change tax codes. It doesn't work that way because a bills pertaining to money must originate in the House, not Senate. t-rump didn't know that. )

    Clueless to the tax codes ( statement made by his accountant ) the he "claims" to be an expert.

    Flip flops on every one of his policies. Sometimes 3 or 4 times during a 15 minute speech on his "policy".

    Totally clueless to to powers of the POTUS. 90% of what he says he will do as POTUS will either be outside the powers of the POTUS or illegal.

    The other 10% would be impossible.

    t-rump's "wall"? What a freakin' joke. And that's not even bringing up the fact that he is going to make Mexico pay for it.

    Oh, wait.........t-rump already flip flopped on that and now the Working Middle Class like Mark and myself will have to pay for the "wall" and then he will "try" to get Mexico to "reimburse" Us for the cost of the wall.

    Mexico has already said "No!" so this would place an additional $2,000,000,000,000.00 tax burden on the Working Middle Class.

    Only one small problem that t-rump doesn't realize because he's clueless.........

    The POTUS doesn't have the power to build the wall, only Congress does.

    t-rump is clueless to the US Constitution and how Congress, the Executive Branch, and Judicial Branch operates.

    Hillary on the other hand DOES realize how Our Federal Gov't operates and has also actually read the US Constitution. ( I'm pretty sure t-rump hasn't. )

    Hillary started out over 40 years ago being an advocate for women, children, minorities and the poor has is still doing it today.

    t-rump has only exploited the above groups.

    While Hillary was trying to improve conditions for women and children around the world t-rump was running a human trafficking/sex ring/Russian wife scam posing as a modeling agency.

    While Hillary was trying to get healthcare for the poor t-rump was cheating on wife #1 with wife #2.

    t-rump has been sued for fraud and had judgement rendered against him more times than ALL the other POTUS and POTUS candidates COMBINED. Also been fined more too.

    Hillary has never been sued and even after the GOP has spent over 40 years and +$500,000,000.00 of the American Taxpayers' money, not the GOP's money or the RNC's money, but the American Taxpayers' money and never been charged with anything, not even a jaywalking ticket.

    Hillary did use poor judgement for using a private e-mail server but the issue of the "missing" 33,000 e-mails isn't a big deal.

    Why you ask?


    I have a .gov e-mail account and last month I had a webinar that I had to attend along with 9,999 other Gov't employees.

    I had to answer a 20 question test and spent it back which I did.

    The .gov email system sends an e-mail back when it's received then another one when its read.

    So, when I sent the test back I got an e-mail back when it was received and one when it was read. No problem, except it sent the test to EVERYONE that attended the webinar.

    That's 10,000 people with 2 emails each for a total of 20,000 e-mails.

    Then I got 2,300 or so asking why I sent the test to them.

    So, just because I didn't notice the "reply all" box was checked I ended up with +
    22,300 junk e-mails within a 30 minute period of time.

    Can you imagine the sheer volume of e-mails the the Secretary of State would receive in a four year period of time?

    Anywho............. That's just a few reason why I support Hillary over Donald Trump.

    The main thing Trump has going for him is.... he is not Hillary! Seriously, if you think a commie leftist would be a better president than Trump then I want a sample of whatever it is you are smoking.
    Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress;
    but I repeat myself.
    Mark Twain

  3. Not really, but it's better than what Trump is capable of doing.

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    You hear all of Hillary’s pundits saying Comey needs to disclose all of the E-mails that were found need to be disclosed.
    Two things about that.
    1. Over 600 thousand E-mails were told under oath by Huma to the FBI that they had all been turned over, which now, it looks like they haven’t been turned over.
    2. All of these problems wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for Hillary wanting to circumvent the government’s official records act by having her unauthorized unsecured personal E-mail system server and trying to hide them from the FOIA request system.
    It all goes back onto Hillary’s shoulders, she chose to do this and it’s all her fault.
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    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stengun View Post


    The basement crowd needs to remember that for the last 8 years they have claimed that Obama was going to take way Our guns and just the opposite has happened.

    Today, thanks to Obama We that have a CCW permit can conceal carry in National Parks.

    Also Obama is the first POTUS since Carter that has NOT signed into Law or enacted anti-gun policies.

    Now I realize that 95% of the regular posters do NOT own a firearm, thank God, but to those of Us that do these are important issues.

    So, I'm betting, hoping, planning on Hillary taking away just as many guns as Obama.

    It all goes back to the fact that Obama didn’t have the votes in Congress and the Supreme Court to go after our guns.
    If Hillary gets in, the political makeup of the Congress changes and can nominate Supreme and Federal Court Judges, she’ll have an open door to go after our guns. If you don’t think she’ll not try then you’re the one living in a dream world.
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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