Donald Trump and Voter Fraud....let's give him what he wants and re-vote
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Thread: Donald Trump and Voter Fraud....let's give him what he wants and re-vote

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    Donald Trump and Voter Fraud....let's give him what he wants and re-vote

    Donald Trump and Voter Fraud....let's give him what he wants and re-vote-15242012_1338429182856665_2116573843884505332_n.jpg

    The Donald has been tweeting that the election was rigged and there was massive voter fraud on the order of millions of violations. I agree and think we should give him exactly what he wants and vote again!

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    I said this in a different thread and I think it bears repeating here....

    Obama said:

    “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” – President Obama to House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, January 23, 2009.

    Too Bad Obama Didn't Follow His Own Advice | RealClearPolitics

    So I will say it.

    Elections have consequences and at the end of the day, Hillary lost.

    Obama had his day and now it is Trump's turn. Hillary is yesterday's news right along with her supporters desperately clinging to hoping they can change the election results.

    It is time for those who don't like who got elected in 2016 to suck it up and deal with it just like the conservatives did when Obama got elected in 2008 and again in 2012.
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    It looks like after pulling in millions of dollars from donors and George Soros, Jill Stein "missed" the deadline in Pennsylvania to order a recount of votes. Without the state of PA and its 20 electoral votes, there is zero chance of changing the outcome of this election. So what will Stein do with the millions she has collected after intentionally missing the deadline? Well, she won't be giving it back, that's for sure. Looks like the Democrats are suckers not once but twice now. First time when the DNC colluded to get Hillary nominated, and now with this obviously phony vote recount effort. As citizens, we all should be concerned that elections are fair and conducted without foul play. Trump should insist on a recount of all the votes in New York, California, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, and just for kicks, Illinois, where the cemeteries are full of reliable voters. He may win by a landslide of the popular vote after all the illegal votes are thrown out. Notwithstanding, Clinton and her backers will not stop in trying to undermine our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a form of communism.
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  5. Here's an answer:

    Madison — Green Party candidate Jill Stein will not appeal a judge's rejection of her lawsuit to force a hand recount of nearly 3 million presidential ballots in Wisconsin, clearing the way for machines to be used in the statewide effort beginning Thursday.

    Also Wednesday, Stein filed another recount petition in Michigan and the Republican Party of Wisconsin filed a federal elections complaint against both Stein and Democrat Hillary Clinton. The complaint alleges that Stein — who received only a small share of the vote — is improperly fundraising to pay for a recount that primarily benefits Clinton, the second-place finisher behind GOP President-elect Donald Trump.

    The fundraising amounts to improper coordination between the two campaigns, the complaint to the Federal Elections Commission alleges.

    "Clinton stands as the only actor that would benefit from a recount taking place in Wisconsin or elsewhere," the complaint reads. "As outlined below, the Clinton campaign’s direct involvement in the recount process, which was announced well before the recount itself was paid for and finalized, demonstrates a clear link between the actions of the Stein campaign and the strategic goals of Hillary for America."

    The complaint is based on the public actions and statements of the Clinton and Stein campaigns and not on any inside information.

    Stein won't appeal machine recount; GOP files complaint
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