Obama the sore loser
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    Obama the sore loser

    How many out here want Obama to just leave office and fade away and quit giving his 2 centís worth of unneeded comments about how things would have been different if he had run for another term as president?
    Considering that the Democratic Party under his leadership hasnít been in this bad of shape since 1928, which was shown in the various elections of the past 4 years that brought in more Republican governors, state majorities and least but not last, the House, Senate and Presidency in Republican hands.
    How many heard Bush Jr, harping about Obama after he left office, He had more grace and refinement to be as crass and over bearing as Obama has been doing. No one wantís to hear from a sore loser.
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    The champ in the "sore looser" category is the former republican NC governor, Pat McCrory, that lost his reelection bid even though Trump and virtually every other republican won without any problem. He is acting like the kid threatening to take his ball and go home.
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