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Even the user-name you're addressing now is "fake news." Some of us have been debunking mmckee1952's penchant for deception since just shortly after he joined in April of 2012. Mmckee was subsequently banned, but his syntax and failing to attribute writings to their rightful owners were apparent as all get-out when he returned under this user-name shortly thereafter. He's been outed many times by multiple people as being the banned mmckee1952, but he's allowed to stick around under opsspec1991 for reasons only known to the couple of people with the authority to make that decision.

There is nothing impertinent, impolite or lacking in forum decorum by you calling out opsspec's ridiculously sophomoric (at best) posting "style," but that aside, his "contributions" are no more or less significant to making this forum a joke than the contributions of those who allow him to stay with everybody knowing that he was previously banned.

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