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Thread: McCain should be drummed out of the Senate

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Quiet Observer View Post
    On Hannity's radio program today Newt Gingrich defended McCain's actions and said that McCain did not leak to the media, but that someone in intelligence community did.
    He said that if someone is aware of suspicious activity, it should be reported proper authorities.
    Newt knows this for a fact ???????????

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    You forget...this whole thing has been proven to be "Fake News". IT'S NOT REAL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SR9 View Post
    You forget...this whole thing has been proven to be "Fake News". IT'S NOT REAL!
    No, it has not been proven to be fake news. It has been shown to be unverified Private intelligence report (which is different from fake news) that was gathered by a British private intelligence firm. Big difference. It was never sourced by any intelligence agency OTHER than the report has been circulating in various circles in D.C. since late Oct. The report was originally commissioned by REPUBLICANS in the primaries, then was picked up by DEMOCRATS later in the year. The BBC has been researching the allegations since the story broke and have indicated that they have multiple sources saying the allegations are credible. However, no one has produced any verifiable evidence YET. The CIA/FBI thought the report credible enough to inform Donald Trump of it's existence. Furthermore Mr. Clapper has released a statement stating that the report is exactly that, an unverified report. No where in his statement were the words FAKE NEWS ever used. Donald Trump did however call it fake news in one of his 3AM PEe-OTUS Twitter temper tantrums.

    Please show any of my statements to be false...otherwise get your facts straight.

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