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Americans were very upset with the FBI announcing that criminal charges were not recommended against Hillary Clinton regarding her emails. Anyone who looked into it knew she was guilty of numerous crimes.

The pressure must have gotten to the FBI Director because shortly before the election the FBI announced that it was reopening its investigation into Hillary’s emails. Apparently emails recovered in the pervert Anthony Wiener case ended up being related to the Hillary investigation. Wiener is the husband of Clinton confidant Huma Abedin and reportedly Clinton emails were found on Huma’s computer after Huma stated under oath that all her emails were turned over. In addition, earlier in that same week an email released from WikiLeaks showed that Hillary’s longtime assistant Cheryl Mills ordered the email server to be bleached clean. More and more criminal activity was uncovered daily.

A few days before the election Obama’s FBI announced again that they were closing the investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Hillary committed numerous crimes related to her emails while Obama’s Secretary of State. Under Obama she never was brought to justice. Let’s hope that a proper investigation takes place under the Trump Presidency and Obama and the Clintons are finally held accountable for their actions.

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Also a whole book written on the subject