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Pot, Kettle, Black. The proposals have been there, the right at this point has the record of obstructionism and whining....really not much has changed.
When I hear the word "obstructionist," I immediately think of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, **** Durbin, Chuck Schumer, and several others who have prevented the Republicans from doing anything of merit for several years. Elizabeth Warren, in speaking of the Democratic Party, said, "...we are the opposition." Rival political parties are always considered the "opposition" but, as our government was set up, neither party should be oppositional to everything the other proposes, but to work out their differences to the benefit of the American people. Unfortunately, that isn't the case and the Democratic Party disdains everything proposed by the Republicans. It is a constant battle to get anything done in Washington. There is little, if any, negotiating done that is truly done for the benefit of anyone other than political bigwigs and the large corporations. BOTH parties are compelled to take equal responsibility for the mess we are in and for the coming downfall of the once greatest nation in the world!