It isn't a democracy if you don't get your way.....
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Thread: It isn't a democracy if you don't get your way.....

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    It isn't a democracy if you don't get your way.....

    Hundreds of Events Planned Nationwide for Friday'''s '''General Strike''' - NBC News

    Tens of thousands of people across the United States are expected to skip work and attend rallies and marches Friday as part of a "general strike" to "get our democracy back."
    This is what pi$$es me off about these people. They have the attitude that "We aren't getting our way so democracy is broken." There are so many things wrong with that statement in America.

    First, the United States of America is not a democracy. We are a republic. Now, some states like Washington state, lean more toward "democracy" which is nothing more than mob rule. Washington state has an initiative system which means that the general public does have the power to legislate by popular vote. And it is absolutely horrible because in Washington state one single county, King county, which contains Seattle, has the population density to pass whatever initiative they want to pass - thus King County and Seattle have the sole ability to pass laws that the majority of the rest of the state would be against. But the Federal government is strictly a republic form of government, there is no people's initiative system in the US Constitution which grants the authority to the general public to legislate, and thank the founding fathers for that! If the US was a democracy then one or two states like California and New York would get to make the laws that would apply to all the 50 states, even though the majority of the rest of the US would be against it. The same would be true for electing the President, if the US went to a 100% democratically elected President - if you lived outside California you might as well not even vote.

    Second, even in a democracy - sometimes you just are not going to get your way! The person you vote for is not always going to win. The things you are for are not always going to get passed into law and some things you are against are going to get passed into law. America, in general, has become a nation where the majority of people have a "my way or the highway" attitude. I see it at the individual level and at the political party level. Very few people are willing to set their selfishness and pride aside and just work together to make things just work for the best possible compromise for everyone.
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    This training begins in the early years of a child's interaction with peers and society. Today the kid that finishes last in anything is also awarded a "gold star" so that their feelings are not hurt and their ego is not crushed for life. They learn there is no need to try harder, or even try for that matter, rewards will be given.

    The knee jerk reaction is to blame the schools, but I think they are also the victim in this, and the root cause of this are the parents harassing schools, and probably threatening lawsuits because Little Johnny didn't get a gold star, and his life is ruined...

    Today we see it in the candy asses demanding their 'safe space' on campuses, and I fear it is creeping into society and the workplace in general.

    Saw where someone is crying "fat shaming" because their workplace posted a sign near the elevator that said "take the stairs, it's healthy"
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