Guess who was busted as being Russian agents
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Thread: Guess who was busted as being Russian agents

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    Guess who was busted as being Russian agents

    Guess Who Just Got Busted as Russian Agents? Wikileaks Drops Solid Evidence That?ll Land These Politicians in Jail | Politics

    This article is from Before Its News, a site you will have to judge for yourself. Doesn't bode well for Hillary or Podesta. However, John McCain requested money from the Russia during his campaign but you don't hear anything from that. And they call Trump crooked?

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    So, it's a link to Before Its News that is a link to a self-proclaimed conspiracy news video that uses Infowars as a source with a mix of various unconnected WikiLeaks documents. Got it.

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    Hillary did not get elected.

    So aside from her many other problems, such as her private email server, or her botching of Benghazi in particular and Libya in general, or her influence peddling with the Clinton Foundation, and the DNC's hacked email server -- calling Hillary a spy did not rise to the level of need or credibility during or after the campaign.

    Late night comedy reports Hillary as still wandering around the eastern woodlands alone somewhere still numb and budt-hurt from her stunning defeat by DJT.

    Her main mistake was not campaigning in Wisc., Pa., NC, and Ohio sufficiently. Slick Willy her hubby purportedly warned her but she would not listen.

  5. Seems as if Hillary only listened to someone willing to pay her big bucks.

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