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Thread: Transgender student bathroom guidelines to change.

  1. Seems as if all of this is talking about adults.
    What about the school kids that the order covered.
    You want your kids mixing in restrooms , dressing rooms or showers with a different sex ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD40scinNC View Post
    0.0001% is "some"...... 99.9998% is "some"

    This was never in contention, no more than the fact that non-trans gay people exist. But again, you need to be much more specific with the "some" you are throwing out....
    No, I don't need to be specific, if that were even possible with a question like this. If you had read the post I originally responded to, you would understand. My point was that transgender people can also be gay, so you can't automatically say which sex they would be interested in.

    Most transgender don't transition until they are adults.
    That's changing. There are little elementary kids transitioning these days. The latest dispute was about the Boy Scouts accepting girls-to-boys.

    Do they go to the YWCA/YMCA, swimming pools, rec clubs, gyms, or public rest rooms?
    I suppose so.

    Because of transgender people, or age/health, interests?
    It's more convenient for us to go to the fitness center, work out, and then go home.

    What would your reaction be if the person on the right followed into the ladies room at a restaurant, arena, movie theater, church, interstate rest area, or other "public" facility?
    I'd probably check the sign on the door to make sure I was in the right bathroom. Then I'd say, "Excuse me, this is the ladies' room." If I was alone with the other person, I might wait outside until he left. A lot depends on the other person's behavior, and other circumstances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reba View Post
    The only point I was making was that gay transgender people do exist.
    There are a great many of them. In the porn industry they're called "She-Males".
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    Gladly I am no expert at any of this.

    And I am glad that when I was a kid there were only 3 kids that I knew of who were "transgender identity" and one of them was a hermaphrodite from birth.

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    Transgender student bathroom guidelines to change.-16681716_1714428245234813_1985688435436416674_n.png

  7. Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    This is what pi$$es me off about the reaction to just about everything Trump does. I heard on the radio this morning someone accusing Trump of being a bully to transgender kids. So let's see....

    Obama issues "guidance" that says that schools have to let transgender students use whatever bathroom or locker room they want to or face consequences of losing Federal funding.

    Trump cancels the guidance stating the reason that the executive branch of the Federal government should not be making these decisions and forcing that decision upon the states, but that it should be the states that makes these decisions.

    Now which one was the bully?

    IMHO, this is the way it should work,

    A child is born as Samantha wants to be Sam instead and use the boys bathrooms. "He" takes "his" request to the school board who denies it.
    The state legislature gets wind of it and passes a law that Samanatha must use the facilities matching those on her birth certificate.
    Sam now files a lawsuit in court claiming discrimination.
    The courts (all the way up to the US Supreme Court) decide whether or not the school board's decision and the law passed by the legislature is discrimination or not.
    The state Supreme Court decision would be binding upon all schools in that state (if the State Supreme Court worded their decision that way).
    The US Supreme Court decision could be binding upon all schools in the country if they used the 14th amendment to apply it that way.

    Donald Trump was exactly correct in this - the executive branch of the Federal government should not have a part in this. Trump is not prohibiting Samantha from calling herself Sam and using the boys bathroom. All Trump is saying is that it should not be the executive branch of the Federal government that forces schools to allow it.
    Exactly. Trump could **** tootsie rolls and the Leftists would still cry. Nothing matters to them but their agenda. Nearly everything concerning trump is twisted in some fashion by the media to reflect this theme.

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