Is America set up for a coup?
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Thread: Is America set up for a coup?

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    Is America set up for a coup?

    Since the election of Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench into the political machinery of the Elite (New World Order), anything is possible.

    Is America set up for a coup?

    My ministry partner of 25 years, William Agbeti, has been through six coups d’état in Ghana spanning from 1966 through 1981. Only one failed. I asked him to analyze the factors of those coups and compare them with the current situation in America to see if there were similarities. He said, “All the FACTORS that play out for coups d’état are currently PRESENT in the US. Most of these FACTORS are oftentimes masterminded. The stage is being set for perhaps America's first coup d’état.” Agbeti went on to identify the various indicators already in place that may contribute to an overthrow of the US government in some form or another. Did the previous “president” set the stage for a third-world coup in the US? Read on.

    Agbeti says, “Coup makers in Ghana belonged to one, part or all of the following categories of persons: disgruntled leaders, power-drunk individuals, stoogies fronting for organized criminals, over-ambitious adventurers, ex-heads of state with unfinished agendas, opposition members who have created a shadow government, die-hard individuals with sympathetic ears to foreign powers desirous of entrenching and superimposing their interests (or way of life) on a nation. Master minds, employing state oppression as an excuse, using mainstream mass media, institutions, and instigating groups of people to pour out into the streets to create well-organized mass revolts, easily paved the way for successful coups. These master minds belonged to shadow governments with hidden agendas.”

    Agbeti says there are several factors that lead to a coup, including “Disgruntled leaders and workers; Heightened trumpeting of corruption, inefficient governance and well-orchestrated and timely resignations; Readiness of the fourth estate of the realm (mainstream mass media) to establish and perpetuate evil government and governance; Organized mass revolts; Fearless or extraordinarily bold, self-proclaimed or secretly elected "insane" leaders ready to "free" the people; Organized murders, fake incidents, doctored statistics, rumor mongering, agitation of people through inflammatory statements; and Mass disbursements of funds to individuals, organizations, people's groups, both local and foreign.”

    In conclusion, Agbeti says if there is a coup in the US, “It may come in one of several forms: widespread civil disobedience that gives legitimacy to call for the resignation of Trump, "occupy" versions of coups, planned resignations from and rejections of Government appointments, massive funding of key institutions used by the shadow government to protest new government policies, etc.” When you think about the George Soros-funded professional protestors and the vitriol hate of the malcontents in this country, the unthinkable factors described by Agbeti come into focus. There are strongholds in place that threaten our inalienable rights. 2 Corinthians 10:3-4 says, “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.” Let us pray and act.

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    Even though there are lots of protests in the streets of cities by ladies and women who feel betrayed by the defeat of Hillary, this too will pass.

  4. I always thought that there war was a coup' details in Nov. 1963

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  5. I hate spell check

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    If we're lucky, if we're very, very lucky America is ripe for one.

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