Executive Order 12333 Amended by Obama
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Thread: Executive Order 12333 Amended by Obama

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    Executive Order 12333 Amended by Obama

    In the last days of Obamas term in office he signed an amendment to EO 12333, what this amendment did was allow an additional 16 intelligence agencies to review and have access to NSA intelligence info, like intelligence gained from FISA requests. Prior to that, the number of intelligence agencies was a very few that could see this info.
    Then right after Obama signed this amendment to EO 12333, all of these anti-Trump leaks started to appear and come out through leaks to the press. Case in point the two telephone conversations between President Trump and the President of Mexico and Australia was in the media and newspapers the day right after President called them and the comments from Gen. Flynn and the Russian Ambassador, because under federal law any civilian that is identified in a FISA wiretap, their name and the contents of that conversation is required to be removed from the federal records and Gen. Flynn at that time was considered a civilian.
    This goes hand in hand to the thinking that Obama did this on purpose to allow these other people in these agencies to both have access and leak negative info to undermine President Trump.
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    Yeah, NO. If you stop listening to the BS Bill O'Reilly puts out, you will feel better immediately. Read E.O. 12333 Raw SIGINT Availability Procedures: A Quick and Dirty Summary to understand that your OP is BS. From that article:

    The procedures don't apply to, among other things, (1) SIGINT activities NSA or any other IC element conducts under NSA authority or a delegation of NSA authority under 1.7(c)(2) of E.O. 12333 (which forbids agencies other than the NSA from engaging in signals intelligence activities except pursuant to a delegation by the Secretary of Defense, after coordination with the Director); (2) SIGINT collected by NSA under FISA, or (3) collection activities of any kind.
    My personal guess is that the leaks about Flynn likely came from a person that did the background on Flynn for his clearance or from someone within that chain of command who saw the discrepancy in his file.

    It is interesting that people on the right, like Bill O'Reilly, run a witch hunt for the leaker, but really don't care that much that Flynn lied to the FBI, lied to the Vice President of the United States and was working as a foreign agent for Turkey during the Trump campaign. Flynn made half a million Dollars in lobbying for a Dutch company with ties to Turkey's government last year.

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