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    Back in January President Trump promised proof would be forthcoming for his unsupported claim of 3-5 million illegal aliens costing him the popular vote. Nothing has been put forward. Republican Secretaries of State have unanimously rejected this claim.

    Power tip: The topic is did 3-5 million illegal voters cost Trump the popular vote., based on what actual evidence? Anecdotes about dead voters not being purged from registries are not germane. Stories about 3 Trump supporters being arrested for intentionally cheating the system are not germane. Evidence of mass scale illegal voting is germane.

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  3. Who cares ? Trump is President and Libs are still crying and moaning about it.

  4. Evidence will be hard to obtain when our voter registration system is open to fraudulent registrations. The group think is that we should hand over our society and treasure to those that are illegally on our soil.

    Whether 10 of them voted or 10 million, it makes no difference. Averages Joes are getting tired of hearing the fags, illegals, and other self loathing disaffected groups whine about their situation.

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  5. I am still waiting for you can keep your doctor , you can keep your plan and costs will come down as stated by the president years ago.

  6. Hyperbole can be too much for some.

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