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    White House Uncovers Mole

    White House Uncovers Mole
    By: Onan Coca
    It was only hearsay being questioned on conservative websites yesterday, but today Breitbart News says it has confirmed with several sources inside the White House that the move to reassign deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh was directly related to White House concerns that she was leaking information to the press!
    On Thursday, pro-Trump website Conservative Treehouse wrote that the leak of Devin Nunes’ “whistleblowers” was actually an elaborate ploy to smoke out who in the White House was leaking information to the press. Just a short while after the New York Times broke the story, Katie Walsh announced that she would be moving on to help lead a pro-Trump organization outside of the administration. However, conservative rumor mongers argued that this was actually the White House ridding itself of a dangerous leak.
    White House Deputy Chief-of-Staff Katie Walsh was fired today immediately following a New York Times report which outed two National Security Council members as the source for Devin Nunes “tip” to review a specific batch of President Obama’s executive intelligence. The transparent sequence of events reveals that Walsh was the source of NYT reporter Maggie Haberman’s article; (Walsh and Haberman are “friends”).
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    White House Uncovers Mole - Freedom Outpost
    My Thoughts:
    I wonder that else she leaked to the press?
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    Moles are everywhere. The only way to get rid of them is to fire all of those who were around when 0bama was in.
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