FB page (pls like and share) 'Repeal Unconstitutional Laws'

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Thread: FB page (pls like and share) 'Repeal Unconstitutional Laws'

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    FB page (pls like and share) 'Repeal Unconstitutional Laws'

    Here it is -- https://www.facebook.com/repealunconstitutionallaws/

    The initial post on it is 2nd Amendment related but it will also cover other subjects where there are unconstitutional laws -- in particular state laws -- that need to be either overturned by a court or deemed null and void by action of Congress (preemption). If you are tired of states pissing on people's rights, and are tired of states pretending to be able to grant us rights when in fact they have no right to deny us rights or grant them, then you should consider visiting this facebook page.

    some examples of unconstitutional laws that will soon be targeted via the facebook site are:

    1) various CA laws that were passed in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment, including laws relating to serialization and registration of weapons and ammunition
    2) CA Vehicular codes and Nevada codes relating to vehicle registration that legally keep people from registering their vehicle in a state outside of the state they live in (these need to be overturned so that, for example, CA residents who don't want to pay ridiculous registration fees soon to be increased can just register in Nevada or elsewhere)
    3) CA anti-family laws such as the proposed SB 18
    4) CA laws which propose directly to violate federal law such as SB 54 which proposes to that CA directly violate federal immigration law
    5) OTHER STATES' laws existing or proposed, which are clearly unconstitutional, and could be targeted through a campaign to have them overturned, please message through the page especially if you have a link up already such as change.org or similar that is already targeting the unconstitutional law to try to get it repealed, so that your content can be featured on 'Repeal Unconstitutional Laws' page.

    PAGE DESCRIPTION -- Please read before proceeding, hateful comments on page directed towards myself or towards the page or its supporters will be removed:

    To promote both court and Congressional action (including use of Supremacy Clause) to deem null and void unconstitutional federal, state, and local laws.

    That is the page description and purpose, please be aware of it before commenting at the page.

    Thank you for reading, please like and share the page at https://www.facebook.com/repealunconstitutionallaws/
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