Taking control of N. Korea
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Thread: Taking control of N. Korea

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    Taking control of N. Korea

    The only rational salutation to the little fat boy who rules N. Korea is going to come from China. Itís like heís Chinas bad dog that keeps on crapping in the neighborís yard and they are going to have to curtail this bad dog one way or another.
    If China stops the delivery of raw goods from N. Korea like what they did yesterday when they returned the shipments of coal from N. Korea and extend that to the items that China sends to N. Korea, which is 90% of their oil, 75% of their food shipments, sooner or later the military there just might over throw the leader of N. Korea before their entire country goes down the tubes.
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    On Sunday, the UK’s Sunday Times reported that top military advisers to US President Donald Trump have told their British counterparts that Washington was considering a preemptive strike against North Korea’s nuclear program, and believed it had the firepower to neutralize it.

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