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    I am glad that you have such knowledge of Islam. No, I have not bothered to separate the religion from their cultural practices, only from the religious practices which are being foisted on the world at this time. I have known, and worked with Muslims, but have never developed an affinity for them nor have I felt the need to acquaint myself with much of their history. The Islam which was started by Muhammad has taken precedence over learning of their other contributions to the world. The overall intent of Islam is to control the world. The Muslims of today, both here and in Europe, have the intentions of subjugating us all. Islam is an insidious cancer of hate which is metastasizing at an alarming rate and is threatening us all. Read the Qu'ran and the atrocities it prescribes. Doesn't it bother you to think that they are in the process of undermining our way of life and forcing their lunacy on us? It bothers me and I would think that anyone the least familiar with Islam would also be bothered.
    The whole message of Islam is in direct concordance with all previous Prophets of God. The essence of Islam is to worship God and reject worship directed towards human beings. Islam’s primary message, as understood by the overwhelming majority of Muslims, is the continuation of the monotheistic, Abrahamic tradition’s belief in one God.

    The three major dimensions of Islam include beliefs, ritual practices, and the goal and effort to improve one’s character and actions. There are six major beliefs in Islam. There are also five central practices which are referred to as the Five Pillars. The last dimension of Islam focuses on good works and excellence in character in both one’s spiritual relationship with God and one’s everyday actions. The ten commandments are there in the Quran.

    In the light of the above stated basics, Muslims love and revere God, his messengers and books.

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    As stated earlier....right wing talking points. NOT actual personal experience.

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    That's right.
    Their logic:
    Remain superficial.
    Do not study the Quran deeply. Best to rely on Google or websites that cherry pick verses out of context to make their point, or weave together the most offensive quotations available from Imams or rulings of Islamic jurors over time. How hard can it be to grasp the ins and outs of a 1500-year-old religious tradition whose texts are written mostly in languages you don’t understand, which spans countries and continents and has billions of adherents? Judaism could be well understood after several hours on anti-Semitic websites, right? And Atheist websites would be a great guide to the history of Christianity? Right. So stick to anti-Islam websites for your information. What could go wrong?

    Read more: Are You Contributing To Islamophobia? A Recipe For Anti-Muslim Hatred ? The Forward

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    Most people I've met who have proclaimed Quran expertise aren't expert at anything except swallowing propaganda.

    As General Wesly Clark exposed, we aren't in a war of religion. That's an ages told tactic used to rally the less astute into fighting monarchs' battles of plunder and conquest.

    We are fighting political wars, for religions cannot declare war.

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