Assault Weapons Ban Assured
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Thread: Assault Weapons Ban Assured

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    Assault Weapons Ban Assured

    Biden has allegedly assured Miami authorities that a new AWB will be in place soon. Guess our "pro 2A" administration hasn't quite been up front with us.

    Video - Breaking News Videos from

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Did you expect them to be? BHO hasn't been honest and open about ANYTHING since he entered politics, and his VP would talk himself into unemployment if his career field was anywhere other than government.

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    Yes no surprise with a marxist president and congress.
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    If you listen to the tone of this video, it's the weapons fault. Much emphasis is put on the AK 47 and not on the criminals using them. What are they going to do when criminals start using cars to kill people, take our cars from us?

    "Common Sense" gun laws. Common sense tells me that the gun didn't carry itself to the crime scene and pull it's own trigger. Punish the criminals, not the guns!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Templar View Post
    If you listen to the tone of this video, it's the weapons fault. Much emphasis is put on the AK 47 and not on the criminals using them. What are they going to do when criminals start using cars to kill people, take our cars from us?
    doubt it.. because we'd have a harder time using our cars to overthrow our own power hungry government.
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    wolfhunter Guest
    Besides, the guns don't vote for these guys. The gangbangers do.

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    One of the fellows interviewed said something to the effect that, "Assault weapons are out of control." What? Do they run around loading themselves and shooting up the other AK 47s? Do they fly into rages when they see an M14? Maybe my coffee cup is out of control because I've see it slide down the counter top and fill itself up w/ too much coffee.

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    Pay attention to the statistics. They show 3% murder weapons as assault rifles the first year after the AWB expired and then claim that the following years show an 'exponential jump' each year in deaths due to 'assault weapons'. Ignoring the fact that they misused the term "exponential"--

    They don't give raw numbers, so for all we know 3%=~1of about 33 murders and the next year's 9%=~2 of about 21
    Accepting that the actual numbers are likely higher than 33 and 21, unless they want to give actual numbers we should assume they are manipulating the facts.

    Remember Benjamin Disraeli:
    "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

    Or maybe it was Alfred Marshall. Mark Twain attributed it to Disraeli, so that's who I go with.
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    What excuse are they going to use for the awful crime rate in Miami after a ban is passed? They need an excuse for why they aren't doing their job. Part of the problem with society today is that noone is responsible for their actions. Maybe they just need to impose more strict laws governing what the AK47's can and can't do. Then when they find an AK out after curfew they can slap it on the wrist and send it home to mommy. I better go check on my rifles and handguns and make sure they aren't out wandering the streets and causing hate and discontent.
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    Clueless. The gang bangers don't buy their weapons legally anyhow. They'll continue to buy AK-47s, Glocks or whatever illegally no matter what any law prevents them from buying. It's called the black market. The same black market that brings drugs to our shores and kills many more of our citizens than AK-47s. What about all the booze that fuels the drunks who wreak havoc, death and destruction on our highways and roads every single day??? The media will quickly point out that it was a drunk driver and not the bottle of JD behind the wheel that killed the family of five in the minivan. Kill a family of five in a minivan with an AK-47 and we never hear about the gang banger who pulled the trigger. FUBAR.

    Glad I got my AK-47 (WASR 10) on Christmas Eve day! This administration is so transparent, you can see right through it.

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