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Thread: What Do We Do If They Try To Confiscate Our Guns?

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    I just watched GlenBeck interview Trace Adkins and they were talking about the amount of Americans buying firearms and ammo.
    GlenBeck asked why?
    Trace said, "There is something happening we can just feel it"
    He than said "I don't say to take your gun and go do something, I say just be ready".
    I wonder why sane people worry about our Government?
    1. They want to take guns from those that are law abiding and have been trained to use them.
    2. They want to bail out a car industry that can't pay there bills because they have to pay high cost Union people even if they don't work.
    3. They blame banks for loaning people money that can't afford to make payments, even after the Government forced them to.
    4. They plan on taxing to death the Companies that hire those of us willing to work.
    5. They want to tax a farmer for his cow's burp.
    6. They hand billions over to a group like Acorn, to insure their agenda.
    7. They want to Nationalize Hospitalization, Banks, Insurance Companies, the Car Industry, and what else why?
    8. If they legalize all the illegal immigrants and can bring in a few more million from other areas such as Palestine, just think of all the votes.

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    This thread got away from me, had to go looking. I'm sure this is the right place for this video.

    YouTube - Revolution Now! Anonymous American Patriot God Bless America!
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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    I first saw this video courtesy of Front Sight and Dr. Piazza. If a new revolution starts, how many of the military are going to shoot AT us? And how many will JOIN us? Methinks that the GIs and us are gonna be on the same side.
    -= Piece Corps =-

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    YouTube - Glenn Beck monitoring militias ?

    I wonder exactly who they keep an eye on?
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldOwl View Post
    YouTube - Glenn Beck monitoring militias ?

    I wonder exactly who they keep an eye on?
    Wave to the camera!
    The Avatar is my Great-Great Grandaddy, CPL Samuel Francis Bondurant, Co. D, 4th Alabama, Law's Brigade, Benning's Division, 1st Corp, Army of Northern Virginia, shot through right thigh 2 JUL 1863.

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    Yeah. it's pretty darn skippy that web sites like USACarry here are being constantly monitorred as anti-government hate sites favoured by disenfranchised terrorists. I'd love to see the access log files.

    Curious, though. Why does the site return that it's still a Linux OS but the web server is IIS? Was there a change in ISP?

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    The police would never be taxed to come take our weapons, only the military would take that on.

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    Kool-Aid drinker is definatley a stereo-typical term and seeing how we have a black president.........
    I didnt mean to hurt your feelings and I hope we can still be buddies :)
    Hey, I grew up drinking Kool-Aid. But also had a great Aunt who was part of the Jim Jones cult--fortunately she got out before they mixed the punch.

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    Exclamation We fight with every LEGAL means Necessary!

    What part of shall not be infringed do they not understand? Without a change to the constitution we fight on legal and moral high ground and they know it. Read Battle of Jakes for an idea what might happen.


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    Responce to gun confiscation

    I say lets be good sports and give them our guns. Bulletts first. However I would resist as much as I am able to do. And encourage and support others that would do so. As I have always said, Gun control is Un American, anti American, and intellectualy dishonest.
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