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Thread: What Do We Do If They Try To Confiscate Our Guns?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    I for one will not surrender my arms peacfully, I swore an oath when I joined the military and I hold that oath as my word and my bond, 2nd amendment protects all the rest.
    Thank you sir, for seving our country!!
    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."Frederic Bastia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tea For One View Post
    What is the general consensus as to how us decent, law-abiding citizens should react if they try to disarm us? What do you think?
    So far as "they" know, I don't have any guns.

  4. I dont own any weapons I just like this forum.
    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."Frederic Bastia

  5. My Reply

    I know that there are a few LEO on this forum and if Obama outlawed guns then those LEO might just be the same ones arresting you if you don't turn your weapons in to be destroyed.
    They are sworn in to serve and protect but that means to serve and protect the state not an individual person, what you see written on the police cars is misleading.
    If they want to keep their jobs they will do as they are told to do, even if it means taking our guns away from us. It has been done in other countries where they said it would never happen and it could happen here, if it keep going the way it is.
    I respect all LEO and know a few of them but I don't trust anyone when it comes to my rights. When you have a president and others in power that want to change the second amendment and take away our rights who can you trust that is employed by them?
    And if you don't want your guns confiscated then just keep fighting to keep what we have and vote the anti-gun ones out of office. And encourage others to support our rights to own and carry guns but be prepared for a legal fight..

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    I intend to keep the fight legal for now, several friends of mine are LEO's and are well aware of the fact that trying to disarm me would be difficult. Vote the bums out is the first step to taking back America.

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  8. 3rd option

    Why does everybody think there is always only the option to turn over your gun or stand fight and die outnumbered riddled with holes?

    What about the third option. Turn over your guns, consider yourself warned get a good rifle lots of ammo and be prepared when they come for you. Or better yet have all that stashed away in the first place. When you will actually need to exercise your right to bear arms for its intended purpose I guarantee you, your gun WILL be illegal. The right to bear arms is merely an indicator, if it is changed or revoked its time to stock up on ammo.

  9. Question My Reply

    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemian View Post

    1. If you have any warning that they are coming for your guns or others elsewhere... don't be home and attempt to barricade yourself and hold them off; you will be cast as a extremist and used as an example... this is what they did in Canada, England, Australia and elsewhere in recent history alone; first the s.w.a.t. called the media, waited for them to show up with the cameras and then proceeded to kick in the doors of well-known, law-abiding firearms owners...
    Does anyone besides me notice anything about these countries where they are taking the guns away? Except for maybe a few countries most of them are now being overrun by ISLAM..Or they have a large muslim population. Check it out on Google, do a search. The United Nations just passed a resolution making it a crime to say anything bad about muslims, no other groups or religions, just islam.

    Here is a good one, are you flying this holiday? Muslim women can bypass being checked at the airports or they can pat theirselves down..If they are patted down it is just the head area.

    Most of the nations in the UN are islam and I would say that this is the new World Government that they have been trying to set up. Obama just gave 60 BILLION Dollars in Arms to SAUDI ARABIA..WTF. Bet you didn't know that? And in India Obama gave millions of dollars to repair a mosque. Did you know that? And he gave about 160 million dollars to Palestine, a muslim country where Hamas is from, did you know that? Obama is giving everything to islam. We are losing our homes but obama is building them for muslims.

    But what do I know..I am just joe citizen..When they take our guns away you can just sit and wait for some muslim terrorist to come and cut your head off and kill you family..Several Imams even said that they are going to replace our Constitution with Sharia Law..Yes we have a lot to look forward to..Did I tell you that our countries homeland security has two or three muslims on the board? A MUSLIM protecting our country when 100% of the terrorists are Muslim..I could go on and on but no one will listen anyway...Peace and sleep tight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keithmj View Post
    Did you know that?

    Do you believe it?

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    Then you all better hope that they don't read this form. Because there is no need to disarm anyone you can all keep your guns but the bullets will cost $5,000 a piece so a box of ammo will now be $250,000. Then so you all with reloading equipment will think I have nothing to worry about I can make my own bullets. Thats when the cost of primers go to $5,000. Ha ha !! With bullets costing this much you can bet the the person being shot did something to deserve it. And that people will be sure to hit what they are aiming at. A gun is useless with out ammo to fire so since the 2nd amendment protects our right to bear arms they have not said wither it protects our right to buy ammo for the guns. So to avoid all the out rage taking peoples guns would cause just make it that no one can afford to buy ammo for their guns except for the idiots willing to follow this stupid law. Those being LEO's as most of the US army would not follow this due to the oath they all take to protect us from attacks foreign and domestic. Now that I have posted this I will be sure to stock up on enough ammo to last me for 30 years. Time to break out the compound bow and practice as they have yet to throw a fit about bow and arrows.

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