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Thread: What Do We Do If They Try To Confiscate Our Guns?

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    Molon labe
    "The sword dose not cause the murder, and the maker of the sword dose not bear sin" Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac 11th century
    "Don't be so open minded that your brains fall out!" Father John Corapi.


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    Quote Originally Posted by IheartTedNugent View Post
    Dude could you be more racsist?

    You need to worry more about the gun's being taken away than the color of people's skin.

    I hear they are getting ready to raise the price of ammo and serialize the bullets, anyone else hear this?

    Is that the "kool-aid" drinkers fault too?
    What he said had nothing to do with race, it had everything to do with impressionable people.



    TruthTube. tv** 18+ Hostage Beheaded By Muslims Dressed In Army Fatigues.

    Caution!!! Very Graffic!!!!

    This should be a reminder eveyday when we get up...what is coming to a city near you. These imagages need to stick until radical muslims are defeated. you decide!! 80,000 Muslims entering the USA 2011 Bill signed by BHO. How many terrorist in the batch??? Looks like the writing is on the wall just a matter of when???
    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."Frederic Bastia

  5. Simple, figure out a way to move to a state that is very friendly to those who own guns. IE: Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Vermont, and Utah. When the SHTF then rest assured a large majority of folks in these states will not give in easily. It may be difficult to up and move during these times, but I found a way. I left a job that I was at for 11 years and had to take a paycut, but since I have moved it the best thing that has ever happened for my family. BTW I moved from Kalifornia to Idaho. If the question about what to do is vexing you so, I suggest to go buy Boston's Gun Bible. Trust me it is an excellent investment.

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    Don't think most LEO'S will do it . They will have to send in the Feds. Have heard several miltary personnel say they won't do it. Collect the guns I mean.

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    I support out military and LEOs, but to all of them I say, JOIN OATH KEEPERS!

    Don't make me choose.
    "No one knows what it's like to be the bad man...." -The Who

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    Angry Gut less patriots

    When you attempt to go againts the 2nd amendment of our constitution,all deals are off the table.
    I'am glad our forefathers are not around to hear some of you and your ideas of how to be nice over
    this issue.Our forefathers said, there would come a time when we would have to down right FIGHT to
    keep our laws.The true PATRIOTS of this nation did not go to the slaughter,they stood and fought arm,
    to arm and because of them you are free today!
    Some of you needs some time in reading Ben Franklin and what he said about this type of thinking.
    Freedom's not free! If your not going to fight,get out of the way for the people who will !!!!

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    Talking Give me liberty or give me death!

    Thank God I live next to the desert. Lots of old cars still on the road with no rust. I would probably leave one or two of my less favorite guns in the house to turn in, but others I will bury in different spots. I served and fought for this my country 38 years. I am not afraid to do it again. I will NEVER be a commy!

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    Join Oath Keepers.
    I started out in life with nothing and I've managed to keep most of it.

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