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Thread: What Do We Do If They Try To Confiscate Our Guns?

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    A rather radical and yet all too workable solution, politicians obviously don't fear the electorate that much anymore, so put the fear of God into them!

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    I'm not even going to go there, but let the record show that I have a smile on my face!
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    Unhappy Death by a Thousand Cuts.

    The problem with the anti 2A establishment is that they are smarter than us and they are patient. While we are at the range comparing shotgun patterns and giving bowling pins holy hell, they are sitting around planning the best strategy to finally end firearm ownership once and for all. While we are having a great time practicing IDPA drills, they are out there banning potential new weapon technologies before we even knew they existed. For example, laser guns and guns that shoot plasma projectiles are no longer science fiction. However, those technologies have already been placed outside acquisition by any but a few private corporations, the federal government, and educational institutions like universities. Now, I am not saying that there is a Star Wars Stormtrooper Rifle just yet. what I am saying is that when the thing becomes possible, private citizens in this country will not have the option of ever acquiring one, at least not legally.

    While some of us may not like to admit that we have been outsmarted by these anti-Americans, that is just what has happened. We have allowed the anti 2A contingent to dictate the entire argument of gun control; in fact, even allowing it to become an issue worthy of argument, as opposed to the right that we know it is, was the first major stumble in the seemingly slow motion fall toward a total gun ban.

    We have allowed these anti-Americans to imbue small to medium pieces of metal with human characteristics, hence the present issue of "assault" weapons. We have allowed them to lodge in the minds of our fellow citizens the idea that some guns are evil. Since assault weapons are not as widely owned, most of us allowed the idea that "just banning these certain weapons" would be okay. Even those of us with those "evil black rifles" didn't kick too much because we were able to keep the ones we had.

    We have allowed these anti-Americans to equate guns with violence. If you hear of someone purposefully killing a pedestrian with a car, do you hear the term "car violence"? When is the last time you heard of a victim of strangulation being the victim of "hand violence"? Any big discussions about the latest victim of "knife violence"? Yet, any type of implementation of a firearm by a private citizen (this is important) is labelled gun violence. The key is that the anti-Americans have equated guns with violence, and thus gun owners as violent. By the same logic, so-called "assault weapon" owners are not only violent, but evil. If you are like most gun owners I know, you do not look down on your anti-gun brethren and think that they are evil; you simply see a group of misinformed citizens who need a bit of education on the subject. I understand your feeling; every staunch anti-gunner that I meet receives not only civil and patient discourse from me, but also a range invitation so that they might better understand for what they are fighting. And yes, I even pay for the ammo. However, you should understand one thing about the anti-gunners: They believe that gun owners are violent, hateful people determined to cause death and destruction on a wide scale.

    Now, I know some of you might scoff at that statement. Well, how about this one: The anti-Americans believe that you are racist. "Wait a minute! I am a black/asian/Jewish/hispanic gun owner! How can that be?". Well, when you own a gun, you are associating with the devil. Don't believe me?

    "But when you dance with the devil and become the concealed weapons poster child with your deciding vote, you can expect these kind of people to come out of the wood-work to support you." - Jeanne Kirkton

    Would it surprise you to know that she is a sitting member in the Missouri House of Representatives? She will also be running for the federal seat in the next election.

    "Are we now to be viewed as a state that supports this kind of racially tinted rhetoric--that we all feel we need guns because we're afraid of black people?" - Margaret Eaton, member of Citizens for Sensible Public Policy, supporter of Kirkton

    There you go, my multi-hued brothers and sisters. No matter what you think, feel, or believe, the fact that you support legal gun ownership puts you, for many anti-Americans, into the same category as a hate group. While we keep arguing from a logical standpoint, they go for the gut punch. The reason that punch connects is simply because we let it. I believe that we have begun to make some progress with the "Gun Rights are Human Rights" line of thought, but I also believe that, considering the likely strong anti 2A stance of the current administration, we have an uphill battle.

    The anti-Americans are willing to take any little concession that they can get. Every bite out of our right reduces that right to something much more like a privelage. Of course, we all know that privelages can be easily taken away. I don't think that we will soon see a day where government agents make widespread house-to-house gun confiscations. Well, at least not while most people are at home, as happened in New Orleans. Instead, they will quietly chip away at magazine capacity and weapon type. First go the detachable magazine rifles (tired of calling them "assault Weapons"), then magazine capacity, then any kind of automatically fed firearm. Even then we won't feel too bad because we still have our trusty wheelguns and shottys. Of course, ammunition will cost a small fortune, and just acquiring the myriad licenses for gun, ammunition, and hunting will effectively end most sport shooting, except for a select few. Then, when we finally see the end of gun ownership bearing down on us like a freight train, there will be nothing left with which to "rise up". That is why we are all, as individuals, going to have to "out" ourselves to the world at large, and fight for our right to be restored. In the Civil War, Lee and Jefferson determined to fight a defensive war, hoping that they could hold off the North long enough to establish a nation within the minds of the Union citizens. They forgot the old maxim of a best defense being a good offense. While the death of soldiers was shockingly high on both sides, the further destruction in the southern states both disheartened the people of the confederacy and encouraged the people of the Union. Thus was won the war.

    I believe that it is past time to go on the offense. We have allowed our right to protection and self determination to be ripped from us piece by piece. This has caused me, in recent years, to become a one issue voter. Believe it or not, in my heart I am a liberal. However, I believe that our most important right is protected by the second amendment. Only by being protected, even from a tyranical government, can we ensure the immutability of the remainder of the rights gauranteed in the Bill of Rights.

    Already we are seeing a difference in punishment for similar actions dependant on the fact of being a member of the law enforcement community.

    Disloyal Opposition: Civilians who shoot cops treated just a tad more harshly than cops who shoot civilians
    "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Thomas Jefferson

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    I'm not 100% sure, but several million armed Americans can certainly put up a good defense against a "civilian militia".
    You see, what they will need to do out of need, we do for fun most weekends. I don't want to sound too arrogant, but I'm pretty sure my skill level and mindset are already where they need to be, and I don't need any prompting.

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    Disarm us ?

    Quote Originally Posted by jonathan View Post
    What is the general consensus as to how us decent, law-abiding citizens should react if they try to disarm us? Should we give in and just turn them in? What do you think?
    I say give them our guns. bulletts first.

  7. The only real option you will have is to become a felon yourself and start buying weapons on the black market so there is no proof of registration for them to check.

    Your next option is to load those illegal weapons and take back our Country. When the ballot box no longer works and has no relevance to anything anymore, then it is time to go to the ammo box.

    We are slowly getting to the point that waiting for the next election to right the wrongs is too long to wait and too untrustworthy to rely on.

    All we are asking is that we have the ability, the legal right, and the moral duty, to protect our families and ourselves from predators and our own government's encroachment on our liberties.

    We have a duty and an obligation, to not only our own familiies, but to each other, to maintain these freedoms by any means necessary.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by FOXBARON View Post

    We are slowly getting to the point that waiting for the next election to right the wrongs is too long to wait and too untrustworthy to rely on.
    I think they know that...hence the all the talk of gun bans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tex4oc View Post
    I'm still trying to figure out what the "end game" goal is? I know they want our guns, but to what end? Is it so they can tax us dry without fear, or so the aliens can take over the planet(X-Files)? What do they hope to gain? Billion dollar pay offs to allow illegal aliens in, without fear of reprisals? It just seems unfathomable to think that they really believe that it will be safer, reduce crime and all their other drivel when ALL scientific data points in the other direction.
    So here is my theory, it is a genetic defect that spoils the brain into a la-la land of roses, princes and fairy tales, and that same gene is responsible of making Democrats. Any thoughts?
    Oh I agree, it has got to be some kind of brain defect, because they are lunatics! Letting all illegals in helps them fix the voting pool for one, because they are sure to vote democrat once they become citizens which will surely be given out like candy by the messiah. I agree with your other post too. God Bless, and let's hope it doesn't have to come to this. Once they cross that line though they are no longer on the right side of the Constitution. It then becomes our duty to defend our rights under the Constitution. Any LEO or soldier should know and understand that fact, and it will be the patriots among them who stand up for what's right regardless of what they are ordered to do. Much like the Patriot in that other thread who is rightfully questioning the messiah's legitimacy!

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    what's their end game?

    It is my understanding that the Boston Tea Party was not the actual cause for the battles. It is my understanding that yes the tea party took place opposing several issues (only being able to import from Brittain, crazy taxes on doing such). It is my understanding that the first blood-shed of the Revolutionary Wary came when soldiers from brittain tried to confiscate arms, bullets, and powder from citizens. They resisted and fired upon the brits. Some say this was because they were all hunters and needed their weapons to survive, which I agree with as well, and others say that it's because they knew firearms were the last resort of defense against the government.

    End game is perfectly clear: Enact legislation banning firearms, do away with that ratty old thing called the constitution, make it clear that no mere citizen have any right other than to work and pay taxes, this includes protesting the government, nor saying anything bad about government. Who can say for sure? All I know is that if I were to try to screw someone over i'd sure hope they didn't have a gun!
    REVOLUTION: Idea's spread they cannot stop them an idea who's time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government!- Ron Paul

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    Interesting thread gentlemen

    I just happen to have the answer to the question. My blog seems to be down, probably from lack of use, but I was able to find the text in my files. This is from a nation wide poll I conducted on a wide spectrum of forums. I learned that there are always a certain few who will attack, criticize, question, belittle or just plain argue with anything they don't understand. This poll was one such demon for them to consider without me elaborating on the intricacies of why I was posing the questions, which I couldn't do for fear of compromising the results. However, I was able to come up with the following.


    The Old World Order Association conducted an internet poll of forums. We posed the question to law enforcement and military persons after posting this hypothetical situation.

    The United States has been subjected to martial law after an unspecified disaster. Remembering that you swore and oath to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic; Your immediate superior has ordered you to go door to door and collect legal weapons from American citizens. When given this order you would:

    A. Follow orders and attempt to collect legal weapons.
    B. Defend the constitution by refusing to comply.
    C. I don’t know at this time.
    D. I know but decline to answer.



    A. 50%
    D. 50%


    A. 18%
    B. 59%
    C. 18%
    D. 5%


    A. 64%
    B. 36%

    At the same time we polled two citizen forums, one conservative and one more liberal with this scenario.

    America is in turmoil and martial law has been instated. Military and police are going door to door demanding entrance and your fire arms to be handed over. You would;

    A. Open the door and hand over your weapons.
    B. Warn them that if they enter you will open fire to defend your home.
    C. I don’t know at this time.
    D. I know but decline to answer.



    C. 16%
    D. 84%


    A. 25%
    B. 75%

    So. There it is.

    By the way, I am the President and co founder of the Old World Order Association of America.
    We are a non profit organization so I hope this doesn't violate any rules posting this link. If so, admins please remove it. Thanks.

    Old World Order Association of America

    In the last line of this video we hear a National Guard troop say "I don't want to think about having to shoot an American." http://www.oldworldorder.org/second_...w_orleans.html
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