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Thread: The 2nd amendment march (AKA million shooter march)

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    Thanks, Rockwerks. Actually, the article is my own writing. Interestingly enough, if you scroll down to the comments below it you'll find a rather lengthy "debate" that took place between me and a member of one of the groups that is also sponsoring this "march" (The Virginia Citizens Defense League). He insists that the NRA and these other organizations are "achieving progress" by continually compromising with the government - which, as we know, has lead to the situation we find ourselves in today; i.e., anticipating the eventual removal of our guns.


  3. I would actually like you to find 3 instances of where the NRA sided with anti gun legislation on a national level. And not rantings from some obscure blog but a nationally recognized news channel

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    Would you settle for an interview with Dudley Brown, of National Gun
    Jack Blood covers NRA backed Gun Control with Dudley Brown of NationalGunRights.

    Meanwhile, let me ask you this: does NRA support Mississippi's SB2036, which was just passed and which purports to "protect" Mississippi gun owners from gun confiscation in the event of martial law? If so, they have knowingly backed a law that does no such thing and in fact enables the state of Mississippi to define for itself exactly what "restrictions," if any, it will impose upon itself where confiscations are concerned. Here is the bill as passed into law:SB2036 (As Passed the Senate) - 2009 Regular Session

    I note that NRA backed several other such laws, in Louisiana and nine other states. If my hunch is correct, and I believe it is, since, historically, the state has never voluntarily relinquished its power, then these other states would have passed laws containing similar wording. These are just recent examples.

    Another example of the NRA's complicity with fascism is its backing of the Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006, which states:

    "H.R. 5013 would amend the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act to prohibit federal employees, any entities (including state and local governments) that receive federal assistance, and other relief workers from confiscating, requiring the registration of, or prohibiting possession of firearms during a disaster or an emergency if those firearms are legally possessed under current federal or state laws."

    On the surface, this may sound like it protects gun owners from confiscation, but if you read between the lines and realize that "...under current federal or state laws" includes all the gun control laws now on the books, as well as any passed after the passage of HR5013, I think it's fairly obvious, again, that the government isn't relinquishing one bit of its powers any time soon and may interpret the restrictions it places upon itself any way it chooses, the way the law is written. If they choose to, they can pass a law at any time that requires confiscation under various conditions and that would then become "current law."

    Again, these are only some of the most recent examples, but they are also the most dangerous. Another such recent example is H.R. 2640: GovTrack: H.R. 2640 [110th]: Text of Legislation, Enrolled Bill

    Now, that's more than 3 sources cited and not a one of them are "rantings from an obscure blog," which, by the way, I haven't presented anywhere on this forum.

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  5. Your conspiracy theory on these is pretty much a total stretch of the imagination. and any bill passed will always be predicated on existing law, or replaces a law. that law with the failure of Bush to reinstate the AWB of 2004 under Clinton also made those weapons legal to own under this same law. It is actually a great step forward from past laws which allows police and NG to take weapons under martial law. That bill greatly improves the gun owners right in many circumstances.

    You also need to apply these laws under the Heller decision which states that All Americans have the right to keep and bear arms and made gun bans null and void. Washington DC just dropped it gun bans.

    I stand by what I say your examples are a stretch of the imagination. I am not convinced

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    That was an awfully quick response, Rockwerks. Sure you actually read any of that?

    These are the actual full texts of the laws themselves. How are these "conspiracy theories?" I sense there is some sort of reading comprehension problem at work here. I also sense that you are totally blind to the fact that the Second Amendment prohibits EVERY gun control law ever passed, including all of these. I suggest you go back an read the amendment again, as you have obviously not understood what it means.

    I am thoroughly amazed, amused and appalled at the wide-spread ignorance of so many gun owners who say they are "defenders" of the Second Amendment, yet who don't have the foggiest idea what the Second Amendment truly means, let alone seem to be aware that for over 75 years the American people have accepted law after law that is in flagrant violation of the Second Amendment. The Constitution is the law of the land. It is the overriding law that takes precedence over all other laws and no law is supposed to be created that violates the Constitution. Period. THAT is the standard we should all be applying, not this phony "incremental" approach favored by the NRA and other such organizations that has only, decade after decade, given away more and more control to government. When you're taken off to the FEMA camps after being disarmed, don't say I didn't try to warn you.

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    We are only about an hour or so from DC and if it was a date that worked for us, I know I could get my good friend who carries, myself and my husband and I have a spare room if anyone wants to come stay with us and car pool. I am all for marching on D.C. but like what others said, it wouldn't be smart to go armed, we are there to prove a point not get the lot of us thrown in the pokey and those gun haters to scream that we aren't law abiding citizens.

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    it's an 8 hour drive for me but will still go.I've been to marches before but as a neutral photographer, never on any side. maybe I can find a shoot house or decent range to go to as well. people may want to start reserving hotel rooms. the closer the date is it's gonna be harder to find accomadations.
    when true patriots become labeled as enemies you can bury my corpse right beside lady libertys

  9. I feel we need to organize local marches to correspond to the Washington DC march for those of us who are strapped for cash. Imagine 1,000,000 in DC and 20,000 to 50,000 at each state capitol at the same time. NOW that's a statement!

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    Big Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by rockwerks View Post
    Just think of it 1,000,000 gun owners marching on the capitol in defense of the 2nd.
    Bad idea. With just about any large march, or parade, or group demonstation - there is the presence of local law enforcement for 'security' etc. All it would take to create a fiasco, or a blood bath, would be one well-armed pro-gun confiscation zealot (hidden within the group of marchers) to begin firing on the localmen. Then all hell breaks loose on live TV.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by dan-wild View Post
    Bad idea. With just about any large march, or parade, or group demonstation - there is the presence of local law enforcement for 'security' etc. All it would take to create a fiasco, or a blood bath, would be one well-armed pro-gun confiscation zealot (hidden within the group of marchers) to begin firing on the localmen. Then all hell breaks loose on live TV.
    I take it you have not ready any of the thread, NONE OF THE MARCHERS WILL BE ARMED! Those who are too afraid to be without their weapons for even a few hours need not apply

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