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Thread: Our Gun Rights - An Email From My Dad

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    Here's a question...

    If the government made all gun ownership illegal and you shot an intruder (and it was a righteous shooting ethically), would you call the cops knowing that you would probably be looking at manslaughter or murder charges or would you just quietly make it go away.

    Before you answer, keep in mind that all rights to own a gun and to protect your life a property have been revoked. You KNOW you will do time for defending your life.
    Frankly, if I lived out in the country like Tony, I would try to make it go away.
    The Avatar is my Great-Great Grandaddy, CPL Samuel Francis Bondurant, Co. D, 4th Alabama, Law's Brigade, Benning's Division, 1st Corp, Army of Northern Virginia, shot through right thigh 2 JUL 1863.

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    Here's an answer to that question. It was "his gun" that killed him, during a struggle. If he had a gun on him when he showed up, it's now yours, and you put YOUR gun in his hand.

    I was always one for fair trade.
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