False Trump Dossier disclosed.
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Thread: False Trump Dossier disclosed.

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    False Trump Dossier disclosed.

    It was disclosed today that the Trump Dossier was the major influence by the FBI in the FISA warrant that was used to obtain surveillance actions against Trump and his people at Trump tower.
    This is the same dossier that has been reviewed for its content and found that the various statements within it were either false or outright lies.
    Now comes the time when the actions by the FBI need to be investigated because they used a completely false dossier to obtain the FISA warrant, which is using a known false item under oath to the FISA judges.
    If youd remember, in the E-mails between the FBI agent Strzok and his girlfriend when he talked about a meeting with McCabe he had in the office of McCabe, the assistant director of the FBI, where they talked about having an insurance policy to stop Trump from becoming President.
    This dossier was that insurance policy and it was used under false circumstances for the entire FISA warrant, and everything that was done after that false warrant was done is null and void in a court of law. Its just as if a policeman plants false evidence against a person in order to obtain an arrest warrant to send them to jail.
    And another chink in the armor of the FBI is, it has also been reported that the FBI paid through various channels to Fusion Inc. for the dossier to be put together by the British spy. Oh I almost forget that, Hillary through the DNC also paid millions of dollars towards this false dossier also.
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    Yep! Time for Flynn to go back to the court and demand that his case be dropped. Then maybe Manafort should do the same thing. Then the entire Mueller Keystone Cops show should be shut down and a case brought against those involved including Hillary, Comey, Rosenstein, Lynch, and Mueller.
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