The Democrats are in full panic mode!

The Uncensored President

Democrats and their Leftmedia allies strategically paint Trump as a racist to prevent real immigration reform.

If you haven’t figured this out yet, Donald Trump tends to be unfiltered and uncensored. While I don’t condone his coarse language or style, and see it as unbecoming the office he holds, the fact is those Trump characteristics resonates with the majority of “blue-collar” Americans. As I noted in my profile on Trump Wednesday, “He is a New Yorker, and he’s always acted like an archetypal New Yorker — brash, boastful, uncensored and unpredictable.”

In regard to Trump’s alleged “s—thole countries” comment, I would suggest that he should be credited with exercising restraint in his description of those countries by not padding “s—thole” with even more offensive descriptors.

For the record, most of your Patriot editorial team members have traveled to the countries Trump was referencing (among others), and some of us have lived in them. We can corroborate first hand that the remarks attributed to Trump regarding El Salvador, Honduras and Haiti, and some countries in Africa, are accurate — primarily because those third-world countries have been governed by corrupt regimes for generations. That does not, of course, mean that citizens from those nations have no value, and Trump did not assert that.

Joe Concha, media analyst for The Hill, noted: “This is how he speaks. He’s inelegant, yes. He’s unfiltered, yes. But what people like about him so much is that he’s authentic. … I don’t think one Trump supporter jumps to the other side because of this comment.” Actually, Trump’s remark will bring more working blue-collar Democrats, those who have been ignored by the Democrat Party for 30 years, onto the Trump train.

Predictably, Demos and their mainstream media outlets are feigning outrage that such a word was used in the White House. **** Durbin (D-IL), who confirmed CNN’s report of Trump’s comments, wailed from the fainting couch, “I cannot believe that in the history of the White House and that Oval Office any president has ever spoken the words that I personally heard our president speak.” What planet has he been on?

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s White House tirades, as described by their Secret Service agents, make Trump’s alleged remarks sound like playground banter. (And recall, it was Bill and Hillary Clinton who exploited the Haitian people for their own financial gain…)

Of course, all the hyperbolic rhetoric on the Left is all about their effort to paint Trump as a racist.

Their objective in doing so, is to cast Trump’s plans for immigration reform and border security as “racist” rather than protecting the integrity of our nation’s Rule of Law and the jobs of American workers. Democrats know that their political future depends on importing immigrants — a population they label as a victim class, which they can then exploit for votes. As Democrats have veered farther left, their working-class base has diminished. Rather than pivot their agenda back to the political center, they have doubled down on legal status for illegal immigrants.

Update: It turns out that CNN’s report was fake news. Though CNN ran the quote repeatedly Thursday, and other Letmedia outlets propagated it, Trump did NOT say it. According to CNN’s Jake Tapper Friday: “The president did not refer to Haiti as a ‘s**thole’ country,‘ though another source is claiming "he did say it about countries in Africa.”

Tapper says, “There was a conflation of two different remarks by the president.” He claims now, “When talking about 'temporary protected status’ countries as part of the immigration deal, it was mentioned that Salvadorans, Hondurans and Haitians have that status,” and that later, Trump made a remark about “s**thole countries” in a conversation related to Africa.

For the record, at this point, having to walk back the initial claim with the “conflation of the two” excuse would be sufficient grounds for any journalist with an ounce of integrity, and any other media outlet propagating the original claim, to issue a full and unconditional retraction. Of course, no journalist with an ounce of integrity would have reported this in the first place, which is why no such retraction will be forthcoming from CNN…