All Hell Breaks Loose over Science Project on IQ and Race
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Thread: All Hell Breaks Loose over Science Project on IQ and Race

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    All Hell Breaks Loose over Science Project on IQ and Race

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    A little of both. Many tout science to be the answer to all things, especially when using it to dispute disagreements with others. This young person diligently did his work and presented his hypothesis, which was also bolstered by earlier studies in the same area, and the results have infuriated many. The information he presented is nothing new, however, I dare say that his presentation was not expected by the school to be so bluntly stated with factual comments which couldn't be denied. In this case, a scientific project, telling the truth, is now causing much consternation among students and parents and was subsequently removed. In this case, it would be more appropriate to cry. The child was given a project as part of his education, he completed it and, because it was honest, it embarrassed the school and those in his referenced ethnic groups. Rather than laud him for doing good work, he is being chastised. The truth isn't always palatable to those involved.

    The ones to be laughed at are those who can't accept the findings, yet want to be accepted on equal footing with those who have improved their lot. Doesn't work that way!

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