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Thread: How can we keep our school children safe?

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    I agree. We've had ARs and "fully semiautomatic weapons" around for over 50 years. Yet all the school killings have been recent. WHY now?
    Not really true, but to the extent that it is, it's both a societal problem and a popularity issue. Until the 80s and less so the 90s, most/many gun owners didn't trust semi-automatic firearms (some still don't, believe it or not) and preferred revolvers, shotguns, and bolt-action rifles. Also, there were so many laws on the books preventing the carrying of arms, and societal discouragement of gun ownership, that gun ownership was probably more rare throughout the latter-half of the 20th Century than it is today (some studies say gun ownership is on the decline, but I seriously doubt this is true).

    Another problem is media, making combat ever. But the bigger problem is just the slacker generation. School killings and other mass shooters are losers, every one.

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    I'd vote for Clint for that. Just to add a little humor to this serious subject.
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