Man gets deported to Yemen.
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Thread: Man gets deported to Yemen.

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    Man gets deported to Yemen.

    Give me a break! The obvious question on every single American citizen’s mind is, he has had ‘decades’ to become legal, he obviously has had the money to become legal as a business owner. Then why hasn’t he become a legal citizen as part of that so-called ‘America Dream’?
    Did he, and all those like him. Who has been here for decades, and never became legal. Then they are taking advantage of every single American citizen. Being a legal citizen ‘is not’ a mere formality, but rather a privilege, and legal process, as well as a security measure in the 21st century.
    And the fact he has had the time, and financial means to do so. And chose not to. Tells me everything I need to know about this illegal alien taking advantage of The United States of America 🇺🇸, and the citizens of this great nation.
    Cry me a river from Yemen C’ya! No pity whatsoever!
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