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    It depends on what state you're in. Most states in the USA still allow private tranfer of firearms from one person to another without the involvement of a police agency or an FFL dealer. Some states require handgun registration and transfer through a specified record-keeping entity. For example CA requires private sales to go through a dealer who holds the firearm for the 10 day waiting period. In AZ you can meet a person in a parking, take the money, and hand over the gun never to see each other again. NV is the same as AZ except in Clark County where you're supposed to transfer at the police department so they can register the handgun and issue their precious butt-wipe known as the 'blue card.' Of course, if you move out of Clark County or sell to someone outside the county the last blue card stays on file and the registration becomes meaningless.

    IOW--check your state / local laws.

    I apologize to the forum at large for actually answering a posted question...

    thanks man

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    I appreciate your comments. But seriously folks, what about handguns or rifles purchased in the last few years where one had to fill out an ATF 4473 form? Thet ATF would have records of those purchases, would they not?
    They're at the bottom of the river with all the rest of mine.
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  4. You can buy and sell privately all you privately in TN. Lots of people go to the gun shows and wander around holding for sale signs. If I see a guy carrying something that I'd like to own I always ask if he just bought it of if he's selling. Best thing is to listen to people as the try to make trades with dealers, then follow up and offer a little more than the dealer did. Dealers are not paying squat right now.

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