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This is the letter I sent to my senator who abstained from voting...

Your choice of abstaining from voting to block Eric Holder as AG is extremely troubling. I am ashamed to call you my Senator. As an elected official your JOB is to make a decision that is hopefully in the best interests of our great nation. Your inability to make a choice and stand by it is deeply troubling and shows a serious lack of character at a time when America needs strong leadership. Our Government is of the people, by the people and for the people. You sir, have failed us by not casting a vote. I am disappointed in your performance!
Very similar to the letter I sent. However, he had earlier replied to my request that he vote AGAINST Holder's appointment, telling me he had spoken to Holder and thought he was a great guy. When he didn't even vote, I mentioned Martinez' lack of a backbone, and told him how glad I was that he isn't running for re-election.