Just Spoke With My Local Sheriff's Office
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  1. Just Spoke With My Local Sheriff's Office

    The sheriff's office just told me this morning that if I want to sell a handgun to someone else, who would not otherwise be prohibited from buying a handgun, that person is required by law to get a permit to purchase a handgun. However, as the law currently reads, this does NOT appliy to RIFLES. The current law reads that you can sell a rifle to such a person and, although it is recommended, you do NOT have to keep any written record of that transaction. I say this in the spirit of fellowship, knowing that many of you are bad people who own assault weapons capable of firing 600 rounds per minute, and knowing that there are folks in D.C. who want to strip you of the right to keep and bear such arms. This comes straight from the horse's mouth as they say, straight from my CLEO.
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    It all depends on the state you are in. In SC to make a transaction to someone face to face all you need is the money. As the idiots in DC start getting their way this is bound to change. I guess we will all be criminals after that happens!
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