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    What the?

    - Bill Wilson -

    The midterm elections are only a couple of weeks away and they appear to be among the strangest ever. On one side there are a bunch of candidates who are just plain bizarre. The other side is talking about the improved economy, how people have jobs now more than ever before, laws are being enforced, America is not being taken advantage of in its foreign policy, allies of America are being treated fairly, and enemies of America are taking their rightful hits. Seems like, one side of the political aisle is sane by at least traditional standards. Let’s look at the other side and see if it makes any ethical, moral, economic or personal sense, or if you just scratch your head and say, “What the?”

    Pretty much the entire certain political party joined in on a “guilty until proven innocent” mantra in parading out false accusers of a Supreme Court nominee, sucking all the air out of the news cycle for weeks about sexual conduct charges that had no evidence behind them. The party also gave incredible credence to a lawyer for the pornography industry who claimed his clients were also sexually molested and had sex parties with the nominee during his college years. Did it ever occur to anyone that the pornography business is among the most illicit in the world and turns a profit on the sexual exploitation of women? How does an entire political party accuse someone without evidence of sexual misconduct AND use the porn industry for corroboration? What the?

    A certain party favors illegal immigration and ignores the national security risk of the 7,000-strong caravan in Mexico that is attempting to invade the US. A certain party in Texas pre-marked voter application forms with the affirmative of being a citizen and eligible to vote, and mailed them to illegal aliens. Another certain state party in New Hampshire is supporting a judge’s decision to overturn a law that required proof of residency for voters registered within 30 days of the election. An incumbent Missouri senator from a certain party was caught on video saying why she hides her extreme liberal views from voters in her state. Another incumbent North Dakota senator from a certain party ran an ad to justify her vote against the Supreme Court nominee, and outed victims of sexual assault and domestic violence without their permission. What the?

    This same certain party has nothing to say about making the country better. It has a lot to say about its support of abortion, its opposition to traditional marriage, its support of all sorts of sexual orientation “rights,” and about redistribution of wealth and raising taxes to support its outrageous ideas. It would seem that any self-respecting American, and any self-respecting Christian American, would look into these things and ask “Why on earth would I ever vote for anyone who aligns themselves with this nonsense?” Romans 12:21 commands, “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” If you don’t take responsibility for the good sense the Lord has given you by exercising your right to vote, don’t be scratching your head and saying “What the?” when all the unethical, immoral, communists and anarchists take control.

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