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Thread: Kavanaugh Doesn’t Have the Temperment or For the SCOTUS

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    It all was nothing more than revenge for Merrick Garland and a pathetic desperate attempt to keep the Supreme Court from becoming more conservative. Everything else was noise and posturing.
    It was also about that....doesn't change the fact that Kavanaugh perjured himself before Congress multiple times. But the RepubliCON party is headed by criminals anyways and officially sanction blatant lies qs acceptable.

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    Leftists (Democrats) might be able to delude themselves that it is mainly about about Kavanaugh's unproven teenage behavior and his reaction to unsubstantiated accusations and allegations but anyone with half a brain can see it was, and still is, all about the anger and outrage of Democrats (Leftists) who didn't get their way with the Merrick Garland nomination.

    Put in simple terms the circus put on by the Democrats (Leftists) boils down to throwing a tantrum and whining that if we couldn't have our guy on the Supreme Court then you can't have yours either. Neener Neener.

    My personal opinion about Kavanaugh has nothing to do with drinking, sex, or Democratic (Leftist) butt hurt but is that he actually does have the temperament to serve on what we have as the current Supreme Court. In my opinion his "temperament" will fit in quite nicely with the decisions against freedom the Supreme Court has been so fond of passing.

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    What items did he perjure himself on?

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    Knowing about the stolen Democratic e-mails when he was working for the Bush administration (There is documentary evidence he lied.) How about his explanations for boofing and the devils triangle. Those are just off the top of my head.

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