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    The reason I kick so hard against the republicans is because I used to be a member of that club, and back when I thought I could affect the change that I sought, I made On the Record sheets to hold them accountable.
    That was before I witnessed what a corrupt organization it is and discovered that once that high up, it did not matter what party they were affiliated with.
    My goal is not to slam or pit one side against the other on this site. My goal is to shed light on how the American people are being duped into slavery, in terms of loss of rights and economic freedom, which do go hand in hand.
    I stand on principle, at least I try the best that I can.
    But there is nobody, as far as I can see, who is holding the other corrupt side accountable.
    There may be some philosophical differences between conservatives and non. But try to imagine this kind of waste and wretched abuse in your own home. This country is our home.
    The American people have become divided, believing the lies that one side is better than the other, all while they invade, murder, promote welfare in one form or another, while lining their own pockets and increase in power.
    My hope is that if some of you on the left would be so gracious to do the same, it would help expose the duopoly that does exist.


  3. Soros, Adelson, Rockefeller, Rothschild... Which one is better? Which one is worse? For the cause of Liberty...
    There is more information, factual and conspiracy, than anyone can possibly read in their entire lifetime. But the solution truly is not difficult at all:
    The Ten Commandments apply to all human beings foreign and domestic.
    The Ten Bill of Rights apply to all human beings foreign and domestic.
    Joining a party created by criminals leads to pied piper syndrome at tremendous cost to principles, money and lives.

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