Illegal Aliens Commit Crime at a Much Higher Rate Than Lawful Residents
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Thread: Illegal Aliens Commit Crime at a Much Higher Rate Than Lawful Residents

  1. Illegal Aliens Commit Crime at a Much Higher Rate Than Lawful Residents

    FAIR found that in all SCAAP-reporting states along the Southern Border, and in SCAAP-reporting interior states that are preferred destinations for unlawful migrants, illegal aliens are incarcerated at a much higher rate than citizens and lawfully-present aliens.

    SCAAP data indicate that illegal aliens are typically at least three times as likely to be incarcerated than citizens and lawfully-present aliens.

    Since the SCAAP program only includes those illegal aliens who have, at some point, been convicted of a crime, the only reasonable conclusion is that illegal aliens must commit crimes at a higher rate than citizens or lawfully-present aliens in order to be incarcerated at such high rates.

    These findings stand in stark contrast to the narrative pushed by the open-borders lobby that illegal aliens are less likely to commit crimes compared to citizens or lawfully-present aliens.

    And there you have it. So why the supposed studies claiming that illegal aliens commit crimes at lower rates? Because those studies rely on data from states that do collect or do not release data on illegal alien convictions, while others lump illegal and legal immigrants together or use flawed proxy data to identify illegal vs legal residents. By and large they also ignore crimes related to fraud.

    When the Washington Post tried to debunk a previous study by Lott that said illegals commit more crimes, they could only conclude "The overall picture of immigrants and crime remains confused due to a lack of good data and contrary information".

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    Two years ago the Rick Perry the texas Governor gave a talk about crimes in his state and it showed that in a 7 year period there were over 340,000 federal violent crimes committed by illegal aliens against people in his state.
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