Where is the most powerful nation ever to be formed on this planet and controls most all of the economies of the world and has the most powerful military the world has ever seen found in the pages of Bible prophecy?

Revelation 17:5 “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE "MOTHER OF HARLOTS" AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH"

Let us touch on what America is most famous for in other countries and has corrupted their lives…and that is pornography. This is where I get the hairs of my head to stand up by telling you this. There is a symbol of our idolatry that is one of our national symbols standing in New York harbor. I have always thought that the statue that graces Staten Island stood only for freedom and liberty. But what does the “Statue of Liberty” represent and why did the French give it to us? Yes, we’ve all heard that it was a gift to celebrate our call to other nations to “send us your huddled masses” searching for freedom. What if I told you that it is a symbol of idolatry and the “mother of harlots” Are you shocked? I was when I studied what is behind its symbolism. Do a search for “statue of liberty, mother of harlots” and you will find something like this:

“You probably didn't realize it but America is steeped in Idols! Yes and the Statue of Liberty is actually a replica of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar the Mother of Harlots and the goddess of Freedom/Liberty. This "artwork" was created by a Freemason who wanted to honor a Masonic doctrine that dates back to before Nimrod! The Statue of Liberty is another Brotherhood symbol highlighting the lighted torch. The Statue of Liberty is actually the Statue of Liberties - the liberties perpetrated on the American people by the Brotherhood. There she stands on her island in New York Harbor holding her torch of freedom and Americans believe she is the symbol of their liberty in the Land of the Free. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Statue of Liberty was given to New York by French Freemasons and her mirror image stands on an island in the River Seine in Paris. These statues of liberty are representations of Ishtar and Isis et al, with the rays of the Sun around her head. The ancients symbolized the Sun in this way. And they are not holding the torch of liberty, but the torch of the illuminated ones, the reptilian Elite. The Statue of Liberty is a Brotherhood symbol which says: We control this country and we are telling you so, but you are too blind to see it! “

And eerily, to top it off, the city that is just outside of New York Harbor is called “New Babylon”. Hence we have a symbol in the heart of the economic center of our culture that depicts our debauchery and how we began to slip into depravity soon after this statue was erected. But it is a even more of a symbol of our sexual sins that are displayed to the world and shapes the mind of the world through the display of lust of the flesh through the wholesale of unending pornography.

Yes, America produces 65% of all the adult entertainment movies, books, and magazines that have flooded the entire world. The industry is a multi-billion dollar cash cow sold to the sexually promiscuous and deviates of the world through several generations. Our movie industry in Hollywood churns out ever more revealing and in the gutter movies depicting anything and everything evil…and the sad part of all that is most of Hollywood is owned by American Jews that came to this country and started producing movies that at first, had a patriotic theme, or a romantic theme, or maybe comedy that made a person forget their troubles for awhile, but no more. Whatever deviation of the natural scheme of men and women united in monogamous relationships, a place where you can see men cavorting with men, women with women doing what the bible calls an abomination. People having sex with animals, homosexuality being glorified, God being blasphemed at every turn, blood, sweat and gore, that is the American “entertainment” industry. No such thing as PG anymore, or if the rating is given, it’s not really PG..it’s just not as graphic as most, but I wouldn’t let my kids see any of it. All this has done is breed violence, bloodshed, civil unrest, and sinful lifestyles that are being lifted up as normal and if you speak out against any of it, its hate speech. But Jesus warned that it would be as in the days of Noah or Sodom and Gomorrah when God destroyed one by water, and the other by fire and brimstone.

- Mike Taylor -