It was just released that the FBI had a spreadsheet concerning every accusation against Trump from the Steele Dossier months prior to Jim Comey requesting the 4 FISA warrants against Carter Page in order to get a backdoor access into everything about Trump.

And on that spread sheet the FBI made notations as to whether or not any of the accusations were true or false. Well guess what, after they investigated and subpoenaed hundreds of people to ascertain the facts, the FBI came to the conclusion that over 95% of the items that were in the Steele Trump Dossier were false, unverified and bogus and the other 5% were outright bogus items from Steele himself.

Just think, the FBI (Jim Comey and others) used this dossier 4 times to request those FISA Warrants against Carter Page and Trump, even knowing the Steele Dossier was a complete set of outright lies and he wasn’t the only one who signed the FISA warrants.

They falsified and lied to the FISA court 4 times, just to get the FISA warrants to spy on President Trump, because if they didn’t use the Steele Dossier those times, they wouldn’t have had any justification to request the FISA Warrants.

Because Andrew McCabe said, without the Steele Dossier we won’t be able to have the 4 FISA Warrants.

Also and here’s the big one, at the top of every FISA Warrant request there’s a notation stating that whoever signs this request they swear under oath of perjury and committing a felony, that all of the info in the request is correct and verified.