Mass killings without guns (response to the El Paso and Dayton shootings)
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Thread: Mass killings without guns (response to the El Paso and Dayton shootings)

  1. Mass killings without guns (response to the El Paso and Dayton shootings)

    Yes, yes, yes. I've posted this before on a separate forum for those of you in the know, but I figured after what happened in El Paso and Dayton, I couldn't help, but post a this video I made last year about a that critiqued a section of Emma Gonzalez speech. In it I provided incidents where 17 or more were killed without a firearm. And just in case you wonder who the guy in the thumbnail is, it's the perp of the last incident I mention in the video at the very end(the Daegu subway fire in 2003). Normally I would be hesitant to make another post of this video since i've posted in on a seperate forum, but given what happened in El Paso and Dayton, I think my video makes a larger point this way that guns aren't the end all be all of these incidents(even if most crazies in the US use guns China has more arson attacks).

    However there were also a slew of incidents I posted in a pinned comment that I was unable to obtain news footage of. In fact I don't think the video contains half of what I found(including the Kyoto Animation fire in Japan earlier this year since that happened half a year after I posted the video). The ones that I haven't managed to find footage of are below.

    Accident or Mass Murder? India's Food-Poisoning Mystery - The New York Times

    Police say east China shuttle bus fire: arson, suspect dead - People's Daily Online,5435676&hl=en,2686973&hl=de

    That in mind I also included an essay that I wrote in response to Emma Gonzalez speech. I posted in on video. Basically I went out of my way to avoid invoking the second amendment as best I could since I wanted play fair and relay on an open debate. In fact there's a few details I point out where I was unable to gather full details. Keep in mind to those who plan on reading it some of the content is rather sensitive and details subject matter that is rather distressing, so try to keep that in mind for those of you who plan to read it. I've included the link below and made an attachment to this thread for those who would like to download without Mediafire.

    As i've said, I normally wouldn't repost this since i've done so on another forum, but given how the gun debate is heating up, I figured i'd make the post.
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  3. Sorry to bump this thread, but the reason why I did so was because while I originally posted it on August 5th, however it wasn't visible until just recently. By the time it was visible it was well down below on the forum chart since no one got to see it.

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